Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A letter to my 45 year old self...

NOTE: I wrote the following in my journal back in January. So I could remember what my life was like at 35. When my babies are little--because in 10 years I'm sure I will forget.

Wanted to share it with y'all tonight.

Dear 45 year old self,
Just a few things I want you to remember in this season of your life. Your babies are 3, 2, and 4 months  old. 
Some days we thrive. Other days we limp. 
But, we make it.

Your boys are in these incredible stages...

Easton just wants to learn. And try everything on his own. He can dress himself from head to toe and MAMA...you thought you had arrived! 
Now, you only have to dress 3 people each morning! 
Easton loves to be silly and say silly things. "Peanut" is as silly as it gets but that one word can make him and Linc dissolve into giggles for a good while. 

Speaking of Lincoln, he just wants to please. 
AND eat. 
1st at the table-last to leave. 
His hunting skills improve everyday. He is silent, but so sweet.
 He's smile melts everyone's hearts. 
With that said, when did he stop coming to sleep in our bed??

Knightley is just about to be able to grab his toes with his hands. He tries so hard. He is at such a smiley stage. And so talkative. 
No worries, Mama. 
You take moments just to hold him. 
Just to breathe him in. 
Sometimes, you even leave the dishes for the morning so you can just be with your baby.

Your world is small these days. 
You don't get away very often. 
But, it's okay. 
You realize this is just a season. 

And through every season you have highs and lows. 
Good and bad. 
You try to look at the good and forget the bad. 
Sometimes it works. 
Sometimes you forget.

Some of the good these days are:

1. Slow mornings. Kids don't have to rush out the door to school. 
We relax. 
And play. 
And enjoy the morning.

2. The snuggles. 
All your babies still love to snuggle in the morning upon waking up.

Once the boys go to bed most nights you do also-JUST TO THINK! 
Quiet and PEACE!

You should see how Wil and I communicate.
 It's a riot to even complete a full sentence but somehow we make it work.

And I could add more, but it's 9:15pm and I am fighting staying awake!!

You are living your dream. 

And, even though you would LOVE 8 hours ALL.TO.YOURSELF most days you never sit, because if you did rooms would explode in 5 minutes flat.

You enjoy your life.
And, try, daily to notice the things that won't be here 10 years from now.

Still tell your boys, "You will be mighty in GOD someday!"

Because, they will.
Trust me.
We got this.

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