35 by 35

Listed below are 35 things I want to accomplish by the time I'm 35!
(I turn 35 in 3 1/2 years)

1. Buy a house.

2. Decorate my own house.

3. Have a beautiful craftroom.

4. Take a real vacation.

5. Have a picnic by the ocean.

6. Have another baby...maybe two.

7. Have a very romantic date with my husband that he created.

8. Learn more about myself.

9. Learn to be more crafty.

10. Be better with money.

11. Get organized. Just one day I want the WHOLE house to be PERFECT.

12. Have a family photo session done.

13. Make my own curtains in my new house that I want to buy. (See #1)

14. Have enough room so that all my books fit in the bookcases.

15. Have a beautiful room for Easton.

16. House a Master's Student.

17. Learn to cook by seasons.

18. Attend a pro football game.

19. Host dinners more.

20. Visit 3 new states I've never been to.

21. Memorize more Scripture.

22. Have all of my scrapbooks caught up to date.

23. Find a workout that I love.
24.  Stick to the workout I love.

25. Homeschool my children in Pre-school

26. Learn to Knit

27. Wake up earlier.

28. Get in better shape.

29. Do a breast cancer walk.

30. Visit my college roommate and meet her baby! (due this winter)

31. Spend a week in VA visiting my sister and her husband.

32. Find GOOD thrift stores.

33. Read all the books on my "TO BE READ" pile on my bookshelf.

34. Read to my children.

35. Be content being me.