Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review Learning By Karen Kingsbury

It's no secret I LOVE to read. And, it's no secret that Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors. When it comes to meeting famous people I'm a tad bit bashful and would rather not meet them than look like a fool gushing over them...:) But, I do follow Karen Kingsbury on FB. And, since we've become friends on FB, I stalk from a distance. Won't comment on her posts. Won't 'like' her status. You get the picture. UNTIL, last month. When, she posted on her wall we could WIN a free ADVANCED copy of her latest book. ALL.OVER.IT. Big.time. And so..I wrote on her status. Begging for a copy. After all. It's 100 degrees outside, and I'm pregnant. My feet are swelling. And sumer hasn't even officially begun. The more LIKES people gave you the better your chances. YOU bet every person I could get to LIKE my post I did. And, it turned out well for me..I won a copy!!! (People felt sorry for my swollen feet!)

And is my review from the book. I LOVED it...and was HONORED to be an advanced reader for Karen. (see...we are super close now. 1st name basis!)


By Karen Kingsbury
Learning will grab you from page one and hold your attention until the end…riding the roller coaster of emotions as you enjoy the ups and downs of Bailey and her friends. Bailey faces many challenges in her new life in New York City, but, as only challenges can do, she learns that God is faithful every step of the way. She stays true to her roots, even though her love for dance and Broadway takes her on many twists and turns. Many of the issues of today: Eating disorders, Homosexuality, and Drugs, are just some of the issues that Bailey must face. Each one, is addressed with such love and yet, a gentle boldness, that will help any Christian when they are faced with the same problem.

Tears streamed down my face, as Cody begins his 1st football season as Head Coach. With everything in him, he leads his team with amazing leadership and wisdom. Football Camp changes his team and shows the calling of leadership on his life. He knows the power of influence, good and bad, and is determined to show his team the power of good. His football season will grip you as you turn each page, and his leadership will empower you to reach others.

And then, there is charming Brandon. He’s still as charming as ever. As a huge fan of Team Cody, I will tell you this was the 1st book where I started to pull for Team Brandon. (slightly) He warmed my heart with this little ways about him. When did he wiggle his way into my heart? I’m not quite for sure, but he did. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens!

Learning will leave you with a sense of readiness to trust God in your own situations as you follow His Will for your life. Some of the twists of life, you don’t expect. Or you don’t plan. Others, you know very well what’s going on and what to do. But that’s a part of life. Learning is just that…Learning. Young Adults trying to make a difference in their community, yet learning in the process.

Without a doubt, Karen Kingsbury has done it again…so set those dishes aside. Forget to pick up that living room. Go out and grab Learning and dive in…this book will not disappoint.

And so...I end this post...begging you to go grab your copy of  LEARNING!

IN stores June 21!!!


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