Little things

Just a bit more about myself:

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, I graduated with a class of 4. (All girls) Entered college and graduated 5 years later. I moved back to my hometown to teach in the Christian School where I graduated. Everyday I loved teaching and enjoyed being with the middle school students.

At the age of 29 I fell in love with my husband and got married. We only were engaged for 3 months. We both knew it was right and enjoyed the process along the way.

Wil and I have two boys that keep us busy. Easton is almost 2 and Lincoln is just a few months old. They are such a gift from God. Easton is my Promise from God when I had a miscarriage. That God would give me children. Lincoln is my Gift from God. Both boys are such JOYS in my life and love spending my days with them!

Reading, blogging, reading blogs, and scrapbooking are some of my all time favorite hobbies. Spending time with friends and family brings me such joy. Being a wife and mother is the greatest title I've ever been given.