Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God's Will

Remember this post? An update. We are doing MUCH better. Easton finally is back to normal. BUT, it lasted for ONE month. ONE. May 11th-June 11th. Every test came back negative...and so, it was a wicked virus. Something I hope NONE of you ever go through. Ever.

And so...we move on!

Today I'm quiet. In a reflecting mood. Part of it is I have a scratchy throat and it hurts to talk. Part of it is me just tired and a little sickly. And the other part, thinking about my life...and goals.

I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom. Always. And I'm honored that I get to with Easton and this little baby boy inside of me. And, with being pregnant, and the energy I don't have...I don't think I'd live through going to work and coming home to kids and ALL the work it requires to run a house.

But, sometimes staying at home is hard. Even ugly. I mean, how many times a day does your kitchen need to be cleaned? Mine? All the time. And let's not even talk about how dirty FLOORS get. You don't even realize about dirty floors until you have little ones eating off of it.


Yet, I wouldn't trade these days for anything. I'll take my dirty floors, thank you very much. And even a day where my throat hurts....
And the PILES of laundry that come with being a wife and mother....
Because, when it's all said and done....THIS is what God has called me to do. And even though I MIGHT not have done it WELL today...there is always tomorrow!

AND, I've learned, there is NO greater JOY than BEING completely in God's WILL.

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