Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If he carried the weight of the world up on his shoulders, I know my sister that HE will carry you!

This week has been the hardest trial of our lives. Yesterday Wil and I miscarried our 1st baby.

I look back and think about how happy we were that just a few weeks ago we found out we were going to be parents! The thrill of telling our families that we have a new baby coming...the excitement of my sisters telling everyone they are going to be an aunt. I'll never forget those moments. They will be cherished memories forever.

The following weeks were filled with lots of pregnancy symtoms. The joys of finding out what foods are not the best to eat...the excitement of finding foods that sound good!

Then, came the crushing blow that a woman never wants to hear. "Prepare for a miscarry."

God has somehow gotten us through. He has been faithful and given much grace and mercy. Moments that will never be forgotten and will be cherished forever have come to me in so many different ways. Praise God for music and songs about GETTING THROUGH.

Praise God for Bill Gaither and his homecoming videos. Praise God for writers that have gone through trials to be able to write lyrics to comfort people as they are going currently in trials.

God has placed me with the most amazing husband. He has been my rock and greatest support through this week. I love him so much...and thank God for him everyday!

If you are going through a trial...I pray God will comfort your heart! Just like He has done mine!


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The Nolt Family said...

Our firstborn daughter.... Rachel Michelle Phillips Nolt....... We love you and are so sad about Marty, but we know JESUS has a rocking chair in Heaven.... And we know He has another baby HE will be sending very soon to our family.

Hugz & kisses,
Marms and Daddy