Monday, February 23, 2009

Expect great things!

This weekend I spoke at a conference at my church. A dream of mine that was fulfilled! While we were there GOD totally showed up...and did so many things in our lives. I want to share SO MANY THINGS, but due to lack of time, I only can share the BEST part.

On Saturday Morning, Leslie had asked Casey to do the devotions. I always think of Devotions at a retreat the lesser of "God time" and more of just a time to kind of WAKE UP. Casey had us think about where we would see ourselves in a year. (Yes, I've done this before...let's set some goals...) we began to start. ONLY he changed it! AND we wrote it like a jounal and that it has ALREADY HAPPENED! OH MY WORD...almost like we were THANKING God for what is GOING TO happen.

This idea brought so much HOPE and FAITH to each one of us. I saw people's hearts as they talked about their parents and family in CHURCH and saved. I saw people who haven't been able to have babies...say, "We took our baby to church today." SUCH a powerful moment. It also showed us how we NEED God in our everyday life to GO DEEPER. Cause I want to look back at what I wrote and say...YES! God did it all!

I don't have mine in front of me...but this is what I wrote: (Give or take a few words!)

What a great church service we had today! Wil and I took our baby to church and God was just moving in our midst. Our church has really grown and our youth and womens group are growing MORE than ever before. We can look back and it all started at our retreat.
Speaking of retreat we just had our 2nd retreat for women. God was everywhere.
Wil and I are getting ready to be married 2 years. We are closer than ever and have really learned how to talk and communicate. We went to a marriage encounter and that really helped our marriage.

The school is growing and doing well. I go about 4 days a week to help out. I miss being there but being a stay at home mom and wife keeps me busy.

I just lost 30 pounds since the baby and can finally fit into Leslie's bridesmaid dress. She is getting married in MAY and I can't wait! They are going to D.W. for their honeymoon.

Wil and I finally found a house to buy. It is perfect for BOTH of us. Enough hunting for WIL...and close enough to Floyd for me. Leslie and her husband just bought the place next to us and look forward to get-to-gethers.

At the end we were all crying and praising God for his faithfulness. Writing out our dreams were so amazing. I will think back at this time and rejoice over great things HE hath done!


Bethany Patrice said...

Hi!!! It's nice to "meet" you in the blogging world! I enjoy Ashley's blogs so much! Her dad was on staff at a church as an associate at the same time my husband was on staff there as the youth pastor. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together, but Ashley's blog is so beautiful, honest, and entertaining.

So, now on to the Bachelor..I didn't want to post if for all of Ashley's readers to see and ruin it for them, but you can go to and scroll down a few posts. He has some theories about Jason. Enough to make you think...:) I hope he is wrong.

Dixieland57 said...

Baby Girl,
Have I told you lately how much I love you? Your blog just brought such faith and hope to my heart. It was just what Dr. Jesus ordered. Daddy and I are so proud of you and Wil.