Saturday, February 28, 2009

My dream house...


I have a little confession to admit. My whole life I have thought and THOUGHT about what I want in a house. AND I can NEVER just pick ONE style that I like. This week I started to think about WHAT style I like in a house, and it drove me crazy that I can't just pick ONE! OR, that I just can't tell you what I like. I go to people's house and think, "This is it! I have found my dream style...!" Only to head to the next house and think the SAME thing.

Last night I found this great little style quiz and took it. helped sooooo much as to what style I like...

I'm still NOT sure what style I will get when Wil and I buy our 1st house, BUT, I do know that this helped me just find a style.
MY top three styles were:

Nantucket style 50%

Ah...a beach house. I will say that I DO love that idea. BUT, to live in a REAL beach house you need to live BY a beach. Sad. I live in Iowa and last time I checked, there is no REAL beach. SO, with that said, if I EVER would move to the beach...I'd have a nice airy beach house. Ah...I feel the sun already.

Ok...moving on to number 2

Classic 25%

I think this stems from my love of old movies and old settings in books. Books like Emma, and anything my girl Jane writes makes me want to make tea and drink it with my friends. SO I do see where I get the Classic taste. Love it!

Last but not least....

Mountain Lodge Style 25% love changes you. When I was a child my parents had this GRAND idea after they retired to build a log cabin. I thought their idea was the worse thing I've ever heard. LOG...C.A.B.I.N. What were they thinking? Then, I fell in love with Mr. Hunter himself. His critters became my critters. And not ONE critter is alive. With this in the back of my head, I think BY ALL OUT LOVE, I picked this style knowing in reality, I married a hunter. (The deer is staring at me as I type.) No matter where we go, where we live, stuffed critters will be ever present in our house. AND, you and I both know that critters would not look good in a Classic house...or a beach house. They need rustic. So with that said, I have come to the cold, hard truth. For the rest of my days, the deer, bear, coyote, and soon coming duck, and all the sheds,and antlers will be living in my house with me.

So, bring on the rustic. Bring on the log cabin house...or at least the mountain lodge style. I'm up for the challenge.


mrsfox said...

T & T it is.... :) I love that place!!! YES. So I just watched the "women tell all" and the previews for THE BACHELOR finale..... i am so mad already!

Deanna is such a jerk.

Jason is dumb.

Molly is a party girl.

Melissa is an angel!!!!

cari_lou87 said...

I love interior design! I did that quiz and got: 46% Hollywood Couture, 31% Nantucket Style, and 23% Modern Elegance. I love quizzes like that :)

mrsfox said...

UMM. :) All I have to say is......

I, Beka Fox, will NEVER, EVER watch Bachelor again if he does this to Melissa.

Deanna the jerk and Jason the dumb head.

Rae Nolt said...

Beka...I will be sad too.

I am NOT looking forward to the show tomorrow. IT could be the saddest day of my bachelor life.