Thursday, April 30, 2009

I will rejoice!

I started this blog back in September. The day before I started this blog I suffered a miscarriage and just wanted to write something and let it go off into the world unknown. There was something comforting about pressing POST and walking away. Getting on blogger would help me not face the icky reality at hand. I was losing a baby.
Somehow, life moved on. I returned back to work and life was normal. There have been moments, (a wedding, my birthday, little memories, Easter) where I shed tears, but for the most part, I go along and found ~I do laugh, do have fun, live my life, love my husband, enjoy my world around me.
Today, is a special day, it was my due date. I DO realize that MOST women do not give birth to their baby ON their due date. BUT, this is one of the memories I have of being pregnant. Dreaming what day the baby would be born. Thinking HOW FAR away April really was.

Now, the day has arrived.

During the miscarriage I PROMISED myself that Wil and I would get away on our due date. Just to get out of the normal routine of our everyday life. Do something and celebrate how far we have come.
Today, I refuse to be sad. I refuse to cry over what might have been. Today I rejoice. I rejoice that I'm back to normal. I rejoice that I have a wonderful husband and a strong marriage. I rejoice that I am able to get pregnant. I rejoice that Heaven has gotten sweeter since Sept. I rejoice that God is still in control and although we sometimes don't understand His ways, He has a plan. I rejoice in His faithfulness and know that He has everything under control.

Once again, I stand by my LIFE VERSE...

In His Time He makes everything Beautiful...


Mrs. B. said...

' His time...' I love that.

Dixieland57 said...

Honey, I just heard IN HIS TIME....

And guess what???? When I lost Luke that song ministered to my grieving soul. Then, a little 9 pound 3 ounce baby girl was added to our home. I remember holding her and looking in her eyes. Daddy had gone home. I kept looking at her and I sang IN HIS TIME to her.

It was strange because it felt like I had been pregnant for two years because it took so long for her to get here.

You will have a BABY NOLT and we will rejoice! We'll rock the new addition to our family and sing IN HIS TIME.... HE MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME!

Can't wait,