Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Women...

Countless times I have started the book LITTLE WOMEN only to NEVER finish it. Finally, these past few weeks, I told myself I WILL finish. Tonight, I did.
The problem was I SAW the movie BEFORE I read the book. I'll never read the book, if I watched the movie.
BUT, I loved the book. Loved the movie, loved the get the point.
When I need to clean my house, I'll put in the movie and have it playing in the background. I get MORE work done. Little Women helps me to be productive. honor of FINISHING the book....some pictures please!

Thought this boy was "SO CUTE" when I 1st saw the movie. Cried when he didn't marry Jo.
My all-time favorite version! My cousin received TWO for Christmas one year and gave me one!

The 1st version I'd ever seen. Loved it beyond words.

NOW, when they say have you READ Little Women, I can honestly say, "Yes! Loved every part of it!"

Happy Reading!

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