Monday, July 6, 2009


Friday my husband (have I mentioned how I LOVE that word...and man!) and I leave for PA. I should be washing clothes, getting things together, planning, and the ONLY thing I can think about is.......

WHAT books should I be taking to read!

So many to pick! What will it be!?

All of these are sitting on my shelf...waiting for me to read them!

Can't wait to see what each one is about.

Out of all these books, this one has been sitting there the maybe I'll go with this one!

BUT, I AM going to Lancaster, PA so in honor of the county, maybe I should pick this one!

OR, I could try this book...never read anything by Mr. Sparks before!

Then, again, Karen ALWAYS comes through with the grandslam of all books...

OR...I could just take them all!

Ah...loving this summertime reading!

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Mrs. B. said...

All of that reading looks glorious! :)