Thursday, January 28, 2010


Waking up this morning, I felt the need to confess. Maybe it was the powerful worship we had last night at church. Maybe it's me not feeling the greatest, (my throat hurts) maybe it's me just being me...but are some of my confessions. Some are silly. Some are funny. But, I must confess to you all...

Robin Gunn Jones is my favorite author in the history of writers. It stems back to my childhood, I was about 12 and mom and dad went away for the weekend. They came back and mom had gotten me a GIFT! A book called Surprise Ending. The front cover had two cheerleaders on it and mom KNEW how much I wanted to be a cheerleader. (Another confession for another day!) I read the book, and re-read the book, and re-re-read the book. Then, the 3rd time reading the book on the VERY back, towards the bottom, I realized that this book was a series! So off I went to the local Christian Bookstore. AND, to my surprise, the author was in the process of writing 12 books! I'd save and save and go buy another one. Here, I thought, that I had found the BEST kept secret. No one, not ANY of my friends had EVER heard of Christy Miller and her best boy Todd. To this day, when I enter a bookstore, Christian, non-Christian, I head over to the youth section and see IF they have Christy Miller. AND, IF they EVER have them on sale...I BUY THEM. Yes, I own them all...BUT I always feel the need to have several copies in case ONE gets lost.

Jane Austen...I love her. BUT, my confession is I have NEVER read ANY of her books. (And I call myself a reader!) This little confession goes back to my childhood. Growing up, I LOVED to read, but my reading comprehension was very low. Not knowing this, I always picked books that I could understand and books I liked. In high school, I remember reading Ben Hur and finally realizing that I didn't have a CLUE what was going on...SO, my friend, Danielle and I rented the movie. (She is ONE of the smartest girls I know...also my high school teacher's daughter!) We watched the movie at her house and my teacher kept asking me, "HAVE YOU READ THIS PART YET?" Being the GOOD Pastor's kid that I was, I would lie and say, "Yeah, I think I have. Knowing fully well that the book didn't make a lick of sense to me. That was my 1st intro into great classics and so my rule became, if it's NOT made into a movie...I can't read it because I won't understand it! ENTER COLLEGE: I had to read a Jane Austen book...and was SO afraid I wouldn't understand it, I rented the movie. Got an A in the class. ONE DAY, I WILL read them. They ARE on my TO BE READ list. I just have to work up the courage. I'll let you know how it goes!"
My next little confession is...I am TERRIBLE with accessories. JUST terrible. I am PLAIN JANE. When I walk into an accessory store, EVERYTHING blends together. What I wear is sheer out of need, and not for "pretty." Then, comes along my siblings. Let's start with the baby in the family: Libby. She ALWAYS looks cute and has a way to make clothes look ADORABLE on her. She is more sporty, and anything she puts on looks like she's fresh from a tennis match/volleyball game/Superbowl. She makes dresses come to life and always looks great. Next sister: Beka. QUEEN of the accessory. Talkin' queen. This girl could walk into ANY store and come out looking great! She NEVER worries about if this 'n' that matches. She just slaps it on and goes. She has more accessories and more clothes than I've had in my life. When our great-great aunt died, she wanted this necklace. I personally thought she only wanted it out of pity, ya know, our aunt died and she wanted a keepsake. To me, U-G-L-Y wasn't cutting the description. Poor Beka, (I thought) just trying to be nice. DO YOU KNOW that she wears that necklace and when I'm with her PEOPLE always comment how beautiful this necklace is!? Really? I passed up this little piece...once again, Plain Jane. And last of my siblings: John. Oh man, this boy loves clothes more than all 3 of us sisters put together. He ALWAYS has NEW clothes and isn't afraid to spend GOOD money on something he likes. So, with 3 very fashionable siblings, I'm content to be Miss Plain Jane to them. Accessories make me feel tired. Halfway through the day, I find myself taking them off...because they drag me down. Trust me, they look CUTE on everyone else...but for me...Simple is the way to go.

My confession...I LOVE Children's books. I do! Walking into a bookstore, (any type) I ALWAYS head into the Children's section and spend the majority of my time there. I dream that I have a huge house and that ONE room is totally children's books. Wall-to-wall. The past 7 years, I've collected my fair share of children's books. Sometimes, I would sit in front of them (before I was married) and dream about reading all my books to my future children. Then, I'd worry, what if I don't have children? I'd pray and now God has answered my prayer. In a few short weeks, I'll have my 1st baby and trust me, I'm already planning what book I'm going to take to the hospital with me to read to him when he's a few hours old. Wil (my husband) knows I'm a book collector. He is sweet enough to give into my book craze. He may not always understand, but he is so sweet to roll his eyes when I'm not looking. When I enter a library I get an instant HIGH and then hit a crashing low because I KNOW I can't read all these books. Sometimes, I get so excited I have a hard time "settling down" and picking out my books. My children's library is divided into sections. Many people come and borrow my books. BUT, I have one section of books I don't allow to leave my house. They are too dear to my heart. So they sit and I read them over and over again. Ah...I just love books!

My last confession of the morning is that when I drive by myself, my music is turned up as LOUD as it will go and I jam out with the radio, CD, or whatever. When Wil and I were dating he always could hear me coming the moment I turned into his driveway. To this day, I still do it. Just last night, I was on my way to church and had my music turned ALL the way up and I just sang my little heart out! So great! SO fun. It's even better when it's dark. Sometimes I pretend my family travels and sings. (Also, my other confession is I never sing lead...always habit) My family (sisters and mom and I) all have different parts and we have so fun singing together. Other times, I'm a backup singer for some group...other times I'm just a girl driving her new-to-her mini van singing her little heart out to her no one. It all depends on my mood!

So, friends, you have heard some of my confessions. Now, tell me, what are some of YOUR confessions? Do share!


Mrs. B. said...

Cute about Robin Jones Gunn. :) I was like that with Babysitters Club and Nancy Drew.
Jane Austen: READ HER! Do it. Now.

Good post. I'm going to have to come up with some of my own confessions and post them soon. :)

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I've never read any of Robin Jones Gunn...maybe I should!

Oh, Austen's books are so, so good!


* said...

Rach, that is great!!!

I never thought about it, but I just read one of Jane's persuaision. I guess you think you read them and really its a movie!!!

You are always dressed cute, Rach!!!

Just Me said...

I sing with the music on really loud in the car too!! yay!! I love it