Saturday, January 9, 2010

For this child I prayed...

Yesterday was an interesting day. My 3 hour glucose test was in the morning...and I ended up failing it. SO, it's off to meet with the dr. next week to talk about SUGAR. I thought I'd be FREAKING out if I failed it. Crying, worried, scared, but I wasn't. When the nurse told me I passed the 1st one...but not the rest, I sat there thinking, "Well, God, here we go! I've given this baby to YOU and once again I place him in YOUR hands." Cause, I've realized that IN GOD'S hands, is the best place to be.

It made me think of Moses' mom. AND, BY FAITH, she placed her baby in a basket and put him in the water. Now days, DHS would be RIGHT there, but back then, God had bigger plans for him. She didn't just leave him and walk away. She had his sister watch him from the bank just to make sure he'd be safe. No doubt, as she went about her work that day, she prayed and prayed God would watch over her baby.

I feel like that...kind of. Our rivers or frozen right now, so no way could I place a baby in the water...BUT, I'm placing my baby in God's hands...and watching what I eat and letting God be in control. He knows the future so it's best to trust Him with all situations!

Since I've found out I was expecting this baby, I've wanted a LIFE VERSE for him. So all the days of his life, Easton would know before he was born, I've been prayed this verse over his life. Yesterday, I found it! I was overjoyed that the 1st "real" trial with this little boy I would come across this verse. When he's 10 I might just tatoo it on his arm so he won't forget it! (Just kidding, mom...!)

It's in 1st Samuel 1:27-28:
"I prayed for this child, and the Lord had granted me what I asked of Him. So now I give Easton to the Lord. Easton will belong to the Lord all his life."

Easton is in God's hands...the perfect place to be!


Sara Caryl said...

Don't worry! Baby Easton will be fine even if you don't pass! I just know it;) I was actually surprised I did pass those tests with both boys considering what I ate at 4:00 in the morning....

* said...

What a beautiful post, Rachel! It made me tear up. That is HIS verse. I love him already and I know you will be a great mommy! I love you, Rachel, and I feel closer to you than ever before.

YOur sissy :)