Thursday, January 14, 2010

(Natasha and John, Beka and Zach, Libby and Ike, Myself and Wil. Little Tristan and Little Easton are in the picture too!)

Today, I've been thinking about my siblings and how GRAND they really are. So, tonight, I want to introduce you to my amazing siblings...

JOHN DRAKE PHILLIPS: My "little" brother. When he was born I was 22 months old. The Dr. told my mom that baby boy's bones are hard to break, but little girl's hearts break easily. So mom bought me a doll. She'd have a baby, and I'd have a baby. I LOVED my baby until mom brought John home. FORGET THE DOLL. Mom could have it. I just wanted John. And, it really has been like that our whole lives. I'm the big sister...and he's the little brother. I beat people up for him. He comes to me when he's having problems. He is an amazing brother. Very kind and always wanting to make sure I'm doing well. We've done LOTS of things together. So many to name. He's my laughter, my sportster, my lawyer, and my friend. He brings SUCH JOY to my heart everytime I see him. He will make sure my boys know how to play sports and also, know how to dress "cool." He makes my day brighter and the night come alive! He is so brave and gave my father a kidney in June of 2008. He kept my father alive to meet his grandkids and marry his three daughters off. ;) I've watched him go from a little boy to a grown man getting ready to get married. Such an exciting time for him right now...and I can't wait to see what God has for John and Natasha.

REBEKAH MAELYN FOX: How I prayed for her! When I was 7 it was quite apparent to me that John was growing fast and I couldn't "carry" him around anymore. (I don't recall ever carrying John) and so I needed a BABY SISTER. I told my parents I was praying every night for a new baby sister. Such a long time to pray. One night, I remembered falling alsleep and waiting up later realizing I had FORGOTTEN to pray! I quickly prayed, "God, PLEASE let me have a sister!" And a few months later, Beka was born. Oh HOW PROUD I was! I remember thinking that she was the most PEFECT baby in the whole hospital. (trust me...she was...and NOT the ONLY ONE!) She just stood out to me and I couldn't wait to hold her. FINALLY, the day came and mom came home from the hospital and I got to hold her...she loved me and I loved her. God has blessed her with a love to sing and a love for people. I'm always reminded when I'm with her to SLOW down and visit with people. Sometimes I forget! She also made me an aunt and I LOVE that job to the fullest. Her husband was my 1st brother-in-law and has YET to get me with a water balloon. He knows I won't talk to him for a year if that was the case! I know God has plans for thier family and can't wait to see what He has in store!

ELIZABETH LOIS WENDLAND: My little Libby--without a doubt the smartest of the four kids. She has grown into the most amazing little Amy Carmichael II this world has known. She came tagging along behind Beka and I always KNEW it was because I prayed so hard for one, God gave me two! Once again, I was SO EXCITED to have another sister! When you are with Libby, you are either crying or laughing...mainly laughing. She had such a funny side to her that makes your heart sing. Her little personality just finds a way into your heart. God has such a big plan for her life and I'm so glad I get to sit and watch! I've seen her stay true to God and God has rewarded her with great things. In Middle School she started liking a guy named Isaac Wendland. They dated all through high school and this past summer I watched them get married. Their wedding was one of the most amazing weddings I've ever attended. They worked so hard to stay pure and in reality had SUCH a friendship throughout their dating life. So beautiful. She had such a heart for missions and such a heart for people. I'm excited to see where God takes both Libby and Ike. When you meet her, you will be blessed by all that she brings to a friendship.

There is another brother in Heaven. Luke Lovie Phillips. Although I've never met this little boy, I have the joy of meeting him in Heaven one day. He was born at 20 weeks. We never knew what happened to him or why he didn't make it to full term. God knows, and one day we will meet again. In birth order, he goes inbetween John and Beka. One day we will meet him and love on him!

So, these are my siblings. God sure knew what he was doing when he placed them in my family! I was in need of them and God knew life would be not be the same without them.

Thank you, Lord, for the family you've given me!


Dixieland57 said...

What a wonderful post! Sooooo much like you.... You left out one of my children though and I would like to introduce her to your followers. She weighed in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and had a head full of dark hair. I had never felt love like the love I felt for her the first time I saw her. We have been attached at the heart before she took her first breath. She is an amazing sister, daughter, aunt, granddaughter, niece, cousin, wife and soon-to-be mother of a handsome son. (He looks like his daddy.) The most beautiful character trait she has (and she has many) is her loyalty. She is loyal to the bone. And the best news of all.... SHE IS ALL OURS and nobody else can have Rachel Michelle Phillips Nolt except for the future little Noltssss that are on their way to us.

I love you, 7 pounds 9 ounces, baby girl.


* said...

Rachie, this is sooo sweet. You humbled me while reading it cause I don't know who you were talking about. :) hehe! You are such a great sister. I love you!!!! So glad that we are going to be sisters for eternity. <3* said...

Great post Sisssss. :) Love you and Love my nephew so very much! You are so special to me... :)

Lisa said...

Okay thanks lady. You have me bawling by myself thinking of how much I love my "little brothers" and much of a blessing they are in my life. Thanks for the stop and smell the roses reminder. You are one special lady.