Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This week has been busy already...and it's ONLY Wednesday morning! Trying to BLOG has been difficult because of all the events. SO, with that being said, I've brought my camera along to SHOW you what I've been up to these past few days.

My husband and friends left Monday afternoon to head down to Texas for some hog hunting. Here are some pictures 15 mins before he left. (trust me when I say: 15 mins! He kept telling me how many mins were left before he had to leave!)

Little camo for the road!!! All the bags are packed and hunting stuff in PLACE!

The bow is the 1st thing in the car. He could have left everything else...but this little baby was the MOST important thing.

The happy little hunter...checking to make sure he had everything. "5 mins before hog hunting!"

One final picture of us together before he leaves! He was so excited standing for a picture was VERY hard for him! HE just wanted to GOOOOO!

One picture of the belly...his final words to me RIGHT after, "TIME TO GO!" were "DO NOT go into labor while I'm gone!" I promised him I woudn't, and so far have kept my promise! ;) And WITH that, my happy little hunter went off to Texas to hog hunt. SO, when the man goes away, the woman goes OUT to PLAY!!!

Tuesday morning--BRIGHT and EARLY--my sister and her baby boy Tristan, my friend Jessica and her baby Kenzie and my friend Ruth Ann and her baby Hadassah and myself and belly boy...all got into a mini-van and went shopping! Here are JUST a FEW pics of the day!
NOTE: ALL pics of us in the car with the babies OUT of their carseats...I PROMISE YOU the cars were PARKED and we obeyed ALL the carseat laws! Traveling with three babies...we had to pull over quite a few times and each time was SO funny. Here is a bit of our trip!!

Right after the 1st store, Tristan got hungry so Beka and I headed to the car. Beka fed him and then we let him play. Isn't he cute? AND A-L-L B-O-Y! He really thought he was something getting to "drive!"

Here is Auntie and Auntie's BOY! He just LOVED being outside in the sunshine! This summer is going to be so fun with him!

Our FINAL stop (in a gas station parking lot!) everyone pulled out their baby so they could PLAY/EAT/CHANGE PANTS etc. Little T loved Baby H! AND let me tell ya...the giggles from this moment! All T wants to do is hold her hand!

Little M just wanting to get down and MOVE! She kept looking into the backseat at T and H and would clap her hands and giggle. It was SO cute!

Back to the backseat, T was laughing and TRYING to get H's hand. SO VERY CUTE. All of us were laughing and laughing.

Finally, we put the babies back into their seats and started down the road again. A VERY fun-filled day with friends and babies! Each of us were tired and ready for bed when we got home! BUT, great memories were made that day!

6 comments:* said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cute are those pictures? I WANT THEM! :)

LOVE YOUUUU and what a fun day!

Truly His said...

Rae, I love those pictures. I have been away from blogger soo long. I miss reading them!! T is so cute. :)

Ruth Ann said...

Love all of them, Please save them for us to use for Graduations and weddings!! LOL

Claire said...

And so soon you'll be toting your own car seat right alongside all of them :) How fun! I had no idea you were Beka's sister! Oh how the blogging world brings us all together ;)

Lisa said...

so precious! Glad your DH got to do some manly things. Too much baby-girly gooeiness isn't good without some man balance : ) IMO.

jessica m said...

GREAT post! Love those pics! Wonderful memories! :)