Monday, September 6, 2010

Tristan's Birthday gift!

My sister's little boy turned 1 yesterday. Such a FUN day filled with family and friends. We had pizza after church, then opened gifts and drove up to MN to a indoor waterpark. We had a blast. So much fun without naps. ALWAYS a good time. ALWAYS. Today: rest. AND: NAPS. For everyone.

BUT, before naptime...I want to show you what we gave Tristan. I found this little beauty at a PRE garage sale. My friend told me she was getting rid of it at her garage sale in two weeks. I told her I neeeeeded it NOW. And so: I owe her $3.50. That's right. I'm in debt 3 dollars and 50 cents.

Before: where the creative juices start flowing!

I looked in my paint stash that I have...and found this red. I stole borrowed the paint from my parents for my wedding---and years later---have never returned it. AND, so, my rule is...after almost 3 years of then not asking for it or about's mine.
Next, after the paint dried...I got my Cricut out and in yellow and blue cut and mog podged Tristan's name on the front of the chair. All paper I used was from my NEVER-ENDING scrapbook paper collection that I have.

AND, since I'm a "retired" teacher I always want to promote I found a cute little boy reading a book and put it where Tristan can see it! Maybe one day I'll come to Beka's house and find him reading in his little chair. Auntie can dream!

Next, I took a trip with a friend to a fabric store. I brought along some samples of yellow and blue paper and started looking for some amazing fabric to make a little seat cover. I jumped up with glee when I found this fabric. MATCHED.PERFECTLY. I couldn't wait to get it home and sew. (I SOOOO need a craft room. ALL this was done in my you can imagine the sight!) Oh, I paid 1.50 for the fabric I used.

The final project! I spent a total of $5.00 on the WHOLE project!
Only it was lacking 1 thing:

A cute little boy to try it out! We couldn't WAIT to give this to Tristan. AND, yesterday he LOVED it! Sat in it for a whole 3 mins...and for a 1 year old...that's HUGE!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY T! Auntie loves you so much!


Jamie Willow said...

SO cute!!!!* said...

Easton looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in that chair! I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!


Tristan loves his chair. When we got home in it today.... HE SAT IN IT ALL BY HIMSELF!!! :)

He is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truly His said...

Rachie!! THAT IS SOOO cute! You are definately the "most creative" sister :)