Monday, August 4, 2014

Avrie turns ONE!

A year ago today my brother became a father.
I watched with my own eyes how he grew up a bit more that day.

And I couldn't of been prouder.

Saturday, the boys and I drove down to JP and Tasha's house for Avrie's birthday party! 
What a party it was!!

My sister in love is amazing. 
She can pretty much do anything.
(and...I may have just hired her to do my kids' birthday parties for the rest of their lives!)

We had so much fun...and Avrie was a doll. 

They welcomed us right away with a photo shoot!

No one is as sweet as Avrie. She was such a Princess and was just so sweet ALL DAY. 
Props to her! 

My mom loves to laugh. And so do I. We had so much fun dressing up Knightley. 
And the kid played along!!

Introducing: Mr. Knightley

We all had so much fun playing along. I think all the props were perfect!
My boys had a blast and loved trying on glasses. 

 Cake time! She didn't understand blowing out the candles.....
 But she did understand that ONE cupcake was JUST for her!!!!

At the end of the party, I told my kids they could have candy if they took a pic with all the kids there.
(Mom of the year is what you're thinking I am sure!)

Linc's glasses are the most fought over ones...because both he and E feel they look like Titus Brown in them!
(Family friend!)

This kid. I am sure he will pick my nursing home and these pictures will NOT be in my favor. BUT, I still laugh EVERY TIME!

Good GIRL! Get that cupcake!

Best cousins. 

Happy 1st birthday, Avrie!

So glad we got to be apart of your BIG day! We love you so much and PROMISE to protect you ALL the days of our lives!!

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