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School is over and my summer has begun. Unlike most people who start spring cleaning in March, I hold off til May so that I can go FULL force without distractions. This morning was my morning. I was tackle our closets.

Deep in the back of our closet I found my bridesmaid's dresses. I've been a bridesmaid 10 times. (Well, 9 for now, but next month will be 10.) Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being in weddings, and since I've been a bridesmaid almost 10 times, I'm REALLY good at it. So, after pulling them all out, I couldn't help but get a few pictures of them. So here we go...ready!? OK!

My 1st wedding I was in was Emelie Boelter waaaay back in 1997. I was 19, and a freshman at NCU. During Christmas break Em got married and I was SOOOO excited. Now, this IS NOT the dress I wore, that dress somehow got thrown away (mom?) so in honor of her Christmas wedding I pulled out the same color dress. Love Em...loved her wedding. I felt so grown up.

The 2nd wedding I was in was Theresa's wedding. She got married older in life and was so happy and so quick that we didn't have time to order dresses. So, she told me just to wear the red dress above (the pretend Em one!) My friend Michelle was outraged that I'd wear red while the other bridesmaid wore a different color. SO Michelle went on a search to her sister in law's house and found this. I borrowed it...but forgot to give it back. Sorry Shelly! Lovely wedding, great memories...

The next number was for Paul and Candace Hurckman's wedding. Love both of those people and hold them dear to my heart. They got married in the great state of MI. and what a time we had. This dress was my 1st strapless dress and my one funny memory of the night was when my dean of woman Wendy Wirtz came over and pulled up my dress for me. I've learned that strapless and my body=NOT good. Besides that one issue, the wedding was perfect and I treaure the memory and friendship.

Candace got married in May, and in July I drove to WI and stood up for Mandy. My friend from college. What a memory her wedding was. They got the dress order wrong and this little baby came to me in the size 40. That's right. 40. I could have made a few other dresses from this one. Thankfully, a lady came to my aid and helped me tone down the dress. Me. Tears. Dress. Big. I look back and laugh...but at the time...NOT GOOD. Goodness. Moving on!

This dress that I'm IN is from Rachael Boucher Patel's wedding. My friend Leslie wore the same dress at my wedding and therefore I don't have it in my closet. I figured I could help her out and so she bought it from me. I LOVE this dress. Rae and I had not seen each other in 4 years (since she graduated college) and I was so happy to be apart of her big day. The wedding took place in VA and I thought for sure Thomas Jefferson himself would be there. The culture...the buildings...I was swept away to 1776. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES....

My high school best friend got married and I got to wear this green dress. Oh the fun we had planning her wedding. She lived 5 blocks from me and what a great time it was to go to the pool everyday and soak up the sun so our tans would be perfect for that day. That summer was amazing. Planning and playing, and sitting in the sun. A summer full of dreams. Perfect way to end the summer...a wonderful wedding.

This jacket is what I wore with a HOT PINK top and skirt to Danielle's wedding. My friend is borrowing the pink part as we speak. That's why I don't have a picture of it. Great wedding...So much fun cause Danielle was a high school friend and oh the memories we have together~love her...and her family!

My sister Beka got married less than a month after me...and this dress was the dress I got to wear as her Matron of Honor. Fun and flashy, this little number would make anyone smile! Can you see all 13 bridesmaids walking around in them!? Very fun. (Yes, she had 13.) Beka loves bright and so bright it was. Very beautiful for a summer wedding.

On my 30th birthday I got to stand up for my friend Jessica. She got married on Dec. 6th, 2008. Winter Wonderland was her wedding. Beautiful. I felt like I was on White Christmas, only I didn't get to hear Bing sing, "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..." Instead I got to hear some amazing talented Southern Gospel singers...."Oh my heart has found a home.."

Are you still with me!? Last one! My baby sister Libby gets married next month. This is the dress I will be wearing. Beka has one like it too. Only she is 6 months pregnant and so...I'm sure it will look a tad bit cuter on her. Just kidding but really, you can't compete with the baby bump! Libby's colors are gold and pink and I will say amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to make memories and take pictures of three of us sisters together. SO close!

All my 10 dresses hanging for the world to see. Great memories come with each one. Each bride was so special and each friendship I share with them I treasure.

So...IF YOU need a bridemaid, I am your woman. I come with my own dress, shoes and I can and will say all the right things to make your day super special!

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