Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Tom Sawyer of a day...

Last week, my husband and I went for a little drive...We came across this road sign.

Knowing SO much, Wil told me how a few years ago, a farmer was driving over the bridge and it collapsed. They never fixed the road or the bridge, and the country folks would have to travel several miles just to cross the river. SOOOO, a man and his son decided to change that to help everyone out!

They made this cute little cable car to get across the river. (Or stream...by the looks of it!)

Wil brought the cable car up to us so we didn't have such a HUGE step to take...THEN, you push yourself off and FLY halfway down the rope.


After you are halfway down you pull yourself with the rope to get across the rest of the river.

We had a blast that day...as Wil and I were in it together, I told him I felt very much like Tom Sawyer. And I felt the need to go fishing.

What a great start to summer!


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