Thursday, June 11, 2009

More beautiful than diamonds

Last night I attended Wednesday night church. Some of our church members are on a mission's trip so it was a very small crowd. We had a wonderful service...
In the middle of worship, Mark started singing:

Lord, you are more precious than silver.

Lord, you are more costly than gold.

Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds,

Nothing I desire compares with you.

As we were singing I looked down at my wedding ring, and thought about how I treat my wedding ring. I know where it is at ALL times. When I'm not wearing my ring it is in the ring case Wil gave to me. When it's not in the case...the ring is on my finger.

Then, I asked myself DO I treat God like that!? Do I know "where God is at all times?" Do I just throw Him around and not treat Him like precious silver, gold, or diamonds? I was sad when I realized that I sometimes treat my wedding ring better than I treat God. Conviction crept into my soul. Things are going to change. I'm taking the words to heart. Spending more time with Him. "Knowing where is is" and everytime I look at my wedding band I have the ring to remind me that God is more beautiful than diamonds....

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