Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gilmore Girls

A few years ago, I started watching Gilmore Girls. In ONE summer, I had fallen HEAD-OVER-HEELS-IN-LOVE with the show. I'd sit upstairs in my bedroom and watch show after show after show. I'd stay up early in the morning watching the show.

Finally, I finished all 7 seasons. I did notice one little habit I wasn't so happy about...I was starting to eat like the Gilmore Girls! And the few pounds I put on that summer...was more because when THEY ate...I ate. NOT GOOD!

Fast forward, to today...I brought out Gilmore Girls just because I thought I'd relax. I've always wanted to watch the show from start to finish. So, this pregnancy is the time get that goal accomplished.

So far...I'm REALLY not into eating yet. Too early in this pregnancy. But, I'm excited my old friends have returned.


Jamie Willow said...

when I had mono I borrowed all the seasons from a friend and all I did was watch GG and sleep. literally. I felt like I moved to starshollow :) i love the girls!

Burkinator said...

When I had mono, Jamie and Heidi had already bought me all the seasons, so I did the same thing. For some reason, it was the only thing I could focus on.