Monday, September 28, 2009

An old friend...

Today I got reacquainted with an old friend. It was beautiful to introduce my old friend to my baby inside me. Memories were we sat and shared where we had been these past few months. I almost started to cry when I realized that TODAY was the day I was going to reacquainted. It had been TOOOOOOO long. Too long, that I forgot how much I missed this old friend!

Just to let you know HOW CLOSE we once were...Here's some tidbits of history about us:

~met as a children deep in the south
~graduated high school together in the midwest
~spent college apart, but on breaks spent every day together
~met up in FL and took pictures while driving to the beach

I could go on...but I'll stop. Many people have tried to break us apart, but we only get stronger.

So, blogger, I introduce to friend.

Ms. Iced Tea herself!

Yes, Iced Tea has been my friend for years. But due to a miscarriage, and TRYING to get my body healthier, and another pregnancy, I gave it up for over a year. Sad.

BUT, today, I had this GRAND idea. DECAF!!!!!! I danced around the room as I was brewing it up. Call me crazy, but, before I took a sip, I introduced (aloud) the tea to my baby. I told Baby N that this was an amazing taste...and to enjoy it.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...Will we continue our friendship? Yes, we will. Not daily, like we had before, but I'm sure my old friend will show up again at my house for tea time soon!


Jamie Willow said...

and if you BF you will also be loving the decaf iced tea along with all varieties of sprite and lemonaid. that's all I drink. I can't do milk cause it upsets Judah's tummy and any caffeine puts him over the edge with tummy pain...I can barely even remember what I am missing any more :)

The MRS. said...

Rachel... I was thinking.. I wonder who this is the WHOLE time! I really thought it was a person. lol!