Thursday, October 8, 2009

Must be Wil's child!

My Dr. told me that my baby was already being stubborn. The baby wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good heartbeat...

So do you know what that means! He had to do an ultrasound! (Number 3 on this baby!) Just a small one. The baby was just a moving...and wouldn't stay still enough for a heartbeat check. BUT, we could see the little heart beating...for about 4 seconds...then FLIP, KICK, BOOM, BANG...the baby was off!

Everything is fine and we set up the BIG u/s for next month! Nov. 5th we find out what we are having!

We are so excited!!!!


The MRS. said...

Are you alive??

Rae Nolt said...

Yes, Lib! I've been so tired and busy! But, I'm back! :)