Thursday, October 22, 2009

I've waited my whole life for this...

My whole life...I've waited for this day. AND FINALLY, I have arrived. But, my one problem's not what I planned. Here is my story.

For years, I've watched friends of mine get pregnant. AND the eating began. They were eating for they could PUT.FOOD.AWAY.

Everyone who knows me knows I can put food away. Before I was pregnant food was almost my world, sad to say. Eating was something I loved to do. AND, I couldn't WAIT for my turn of "Eating for two." Where no one would look at me strange because after all, I was "eating for two." I couldn't WAIT for people to put food in front of me and tell me it's ok...KEEP eating.

Then, it came. I got my positive test and so began the pregnancy. Now, I KNEW at 1st I wouldn't feel good. AND eating was not very fun, but you deal with it at 1st.

18 weeks later, I can say that "eating for two" isn't what I thought it would be. It involves little snacks and mini meals throughout the day. 2nd are hardly EVER given...because I've learned that eating too much makes me sick.

So, this new chapter in my life...isn't as bad as it sounds. It's just all new to me.

All of you out some 2nds for me! :)

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Mrs. B. said...

Sad! :( But you'll be glad when you have the baby that you didn't pit out.

Until then, I'll eat your seconds, thirds and fourths. Bottomless pit.