Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Bits...

Around this time of year, I tend to FREAK OUT about my upcoming birthday. (Dec. 6...I like gifts!) The panic starts in early October and ends the 1st week of November. "Panic Month" as I call it, started when I was 18, going into college, and realizing that my life could resemble a big black hole.

Getting through this Panic Month, I have 3 college friends that always help me. They don't even know they help...but they do. Ryan, Ben, and Beth all have birthdays around the same time.

In college, Ryan would have a Beth, and last, Ben. After I saw them "get older" I was fine...and counted down until MY birthday. (Dec. 6...I like gifts!)

So, in honor of my 31st birthday ALMOST here, and Panic Month ALMOST over, I've decided to leave you with 31 bits of wisdom I've learned over the years. (Side note, I use the word WISDOM LIGHTLY...VERY lightly.)

1. Just learned this TODAY! Save on laundry, wear a apron, while cooking, when you have a belly bump. Going through 2-3 shirts aday makes me tired and cranky when I have to do MORE laundry than normal.

2. My mom always said, "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."

3. It's ok to love reading children's books.

4. Men are simple. (not in a bad way!) Yes means yes, and no means no. Simple, sleek, and to the point.

5. There is not ONE person if the world that has NEVER felt left out of SOMETHING. I don't care if you are Obama, or WHO you are, EVERYONE feels left out so don't feel like you are alone in this. We all go through it.

6. ALL discouragement is of the devil. (Learned that today at school devotions)

7. Sometimes it's best not to say anything at all.

8. Other times it's best to talk it out.

9. God Calling should be on EVERYONE's devotion list. Really, it's life changing.

10. Children can learn more than you think and realize.

11. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter should add to your life, not BE your life.

12. Going to bed sometimes at 9:00 is FINE.

13. God CAN move in your life while reading a novel.

14. Trusting God in the little things can be hard.

15. Laughing should be a daily must.

16. Music should move you.

17. It's never wrong to be nice to a child.

18. Sometimes it's easier to deal with the child/student than to deal with their parents.

19. A good friend is one you may NOT see for a year and pick up RIGHT where you left off.

20. Most problems work themselves out.

21. People will make you laugh.

22. People will make you cry.

23. People will make you feel every emotion possible.

24. God DOES have a plan.

25. You are IN that plan.

26. Marriage is one of the most special relationships you will have.

27. Kids really can deceive their parents...and they KNOW they can.

28. God sings over you...His OWN special song, just for you!

29. People who can make other people laugh really have a gift.

30. God is always for us.

31. In His time He makes everything Beautiful!

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Burkinator said...

So ... when are we gonna have a 5S reunion so we can pick up where we left off? ; )