Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blessed beyond measure!

Today I helped package 14 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Our Christian School raised money and brought gifts for 8 boxes...ONLY they went ABOVE and BEYOND 8and we had enough gifts for 14! I was so blessed by all the giving!

It also got me thinking about how blessed WE are. Here is a SHOEBOX...full of mostly Dollar General gifts and this is ALL they will get for Christmas. OR, it could be their ONLY gift for the year. My heart was sad...to think that I get "shoeboxes" full of things ALL THE TIME. I can run and get FOOD ANYTIME I want. Recently, I've needed clothes (due to a growing baby boy inside of me) AND, when I needed them, I went and got them. Trust me...they are bigger than a shoebox.

We can be so selfish and look at things we don't have. We can envy others and want to be in their place. Now, I realize that people struggle with money, and trust me, I lived off of a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TEACHER'S paycheck for 7 years. I KNOW tight budgets...Yet, God blessed me. I'm rich...not in my bank account...but in life. My dad is still living all because my brother gave him a kidney. RICH! My sister, Libby and her husband, Isaac, got to a University that they BOTH ADORE. RICH! My sister, Beka and her husband, Zach, just became homeowners and have the SWEETEST baby boy, Tristan that I love so much. RICH! My mom is living her dream of being a wife, mother, and grandmother and now writing childrens' books...something she is amazing at. RICH! Wil and I FINALLY found each other. We have a baby on the way and fall more and more in love with each other daily. RICH!!

So, tonight, as I sit in my house all warm and feeling blessed, I'm reminded of ALL I HAVE to be THANKFUL FOR and I wanted to share with my friends.

What has God blessed you with this week?

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