Wednesday, December 2, 2009

He's been faithful to me!

7 years ago, I graduated from North Central University. 6 quick months later, my 1st student loan was due. While writing out the check, I kind of got excited, I was living in the "real world" like an adult.

Soon, two months went by and paying the student loans were old. I remember sitting on my bed, at my Aunt Lois' house writing out my student loan check, and realizing I had about $14.00 dollars left in my account. Tears ran down my cheek as I realized that I had NO money. I cried, and cried, and cried. The stamp hardly got on the right spot due to my tears. Begging God, I prayed He'd send me money. I put my checkbook away (no need for it since 14.00 wasn't going to take you places) and still crying, I started to pray. Nothing changed. No money in the mail. No one handed me money at church the next Sunday. And slowly, the month rolled on by.

The next month came, and once again, I got out my checkbook to pay my loan. Again, just like the month before, I cried and cried when I realized I had 20.00 in my account. As I sat on my bed, I once again, cried out to God about my finances. I told Him everything...about how I had given my life to Him as a Christian School teacher and how I was making mere pennies compared to my friends in other schools. I also asked Him...IS THIS the way you are going to treat your child who has given her life to you? (I was quite worked up at this point!) AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE SAID!

In a voice that was a peaceful as ever, He said, "Rachel, you are my child. You keep paying your bills and I will ALWAYS provide. You may not have millions in the bank, but you will always have a little portion left over. I've got everything under control. Next time you pay your loan you THANK ME that there is enough money to PAY IT!

Then, in a PS to God, I said, "Please God, help me pay them off by the time I'm 30!"

Drying my eyes, I got up...grabbed that bill and said aloud, "THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALWAYS PROVIDING!"

The years have gone by quickly. Some months quicker than others, and in those 7 years I've always had money to pay my loan. With GREAT JOY I'd write the check, because God had enough money in the bank.

TODAY was a day I'll never forget. Dec. 2nd, tonight, right before church, and 4 days before my 31 birthday, I paid off the rest of my loan. As I paid it online (life changes in 7 years!) I cried tears of JOY that not ONCE in my 7 years did God ever leave me. I NEVER thought my loans would be paid. OR, I'd be 80 before they were done...BUT, I did go back to that 24 year old girl, sitting on her bed crying out to her God about her finances. He heard me...and what an honor it is to serve HIM!

YES, I am proud that they are paid. BUT what I'm rejoicing over is God's faithfulness. It was such a hard lesson to REJOICE when the money was there...and to TRUST HIM for 7 years NOT KNOWING WHEN they would be paid off...BUT God always gives GOOD gifts to HIS children.



mrsfox said...

I am so proud. This is one of my favorite blogs yet. :) Love you tons.

Dixieland57 said...

God has always taken care of you.... HE IS FAITHFUL!

Jamie Willow said...

wonderful blog! I loved reading this, so encouraging. so great!