Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highlights of 2009

#5. A trip to PA to spend time with Wil's family. It was my 1st time to visit Wil's family. A very fun trip...PLUS, we spent our 1 year wedding Anniversary there. Great memories!

#4. This memory just happened on Dec. 30th! My "little" brother proposed to his girlfriend, Natasha. He took her out on a sleigh ride and handed her a pair of gloves. Inside was a ring...and she said yes! So, another Phillips wedding is in the works for 2010! Wedding plans are in full swing...and we are LOVING every minute of it! Can't wait to watch my brother marry the love of his life!

#3. My BABY sister, Libby, married her childhood love, Isaac Michael Wendland. Funny story, When they were in 7th and 8th grade I was a young, 1st year teacher. No one told me how to set up my seating I decided to go: boy, girl, boy girl. Only with a twist. I wanted to put them by who I thought they'd be cute dating...ONLY I kept that to myself. Yep, I put Lib and Ike right beside each other...and that was the beginning of something beautiful! Their wedding was beautiful, and so is their marriage!

2. The past few years, we've all said we couldn't WAIT for "the siblings" to have babies so Christmas will be full of JOY! Oh how true it was! On Sept. 5th, my dear sister, Beka, gave birth to a little Fox. Tristan Fox is his name and what a heart-stealer he is! He LOVES his mom and in 2010 will learn to love the rest of us even more! HA! He brings such JOY to everyone that meets him. God has big things in store for him and I know he will serve the Lord all of his days! What a treasure it was to meet this little baby and fall in love all over again, each time we see him.

#1. AND the number one highlight of my year, was finding out I was pregnant with a little boy soon to be named Easton Paul Nolt. It's no secret that I had a terrible miscarriage in 2008. I spent over a month flat on my back. Heartbroken, I started this blog, just wanting to send out messages to the unknown, helping me heal my heart. In July of 2009, we found out that a baby would be born in March 2010. It was a LONG lesson to learn, but, I will never take those dark months and trade them for anything. God taught me so many lessons in the "dark" that I might not of learned them in the "light." What a JOY it is to walk by faith, facing each day with God at your side. I've treasured each day of pregnancy, the good, bad, and ugly, and wouldn't trade these past 7 months for anything! Can't wait to meet this little boy!

And, so, here we are at the close of 2009. God has blessed us in SO many ways! I can't wait to see what's in store for 2010!

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