Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bachelor

Call me crazy. Call this SHOW crazy, but I LOVE the bachelor! LOVE.THE.BACHELOR. There is something about falling in love...and watching it happen. Fairy tale dates, roses being handed out, funny little moments, and a proposal at the end...what's not to love?

Yes, I realize that MOST couples don't stay together. I realize this show is shallow, and reality is thrown out the window...NO one has a Chris Harrison telling you..."This is the final rose tonight." But, I LOVE the bachelor.

AND...tomorrow begins! I'm so excited...such a great thing to look forward to each Monday night!

With 12 weeks left on my pregnancy...what a way to end!!

SO excited for tomorrow night!

I'll be watching...WILL YOU!?

3 comments:* said...

I am with you sister! :) COME ON JAKE!!!!

jessica m said...

Maybe I will! LOL* said...

@ Jess you should come over and watch it with us! LOLOL!