Friday, December 18, 2009


My sister Beka @ Confessions of a new mom
tagged me in this fun little game. Here are 7 things that you may not know about myself...

1. Meeting new people is very hard for me. I'm not good with "small talk" and trying to "work up" a conversation is very hard. I force myself to be outgoing when it comes to meeting new people. I do way better when I've known you awhile.

2. I'm a GET THE JOB DONE type of person. Little things like walking in to church on Sunday morning...I'd more concerned about getting to my seat than talking to people as I walk in. Sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down and enjoy the process and not just the finished project.

3. I say I love to read novels...but in reality...I haven't read a novel since I've gotten pregnant. Almost 7 months have gone by and I have LOTS of books waiting to be read.

4. Hardly anything gets passed me. Call me snoopy, or aware of my surroundings. Trust me...I noticed the Sunday Wil noticed me...and pretended not to notice. :) I've known about every surprise birthday party I've ever had. I do hate big surprises so I do have friends that hint at things and I figure it out!

5. We can't get our house ready for this baby until after Christmas. (due to the size of the house) and therefore...I'm DYING to take down my Christmas tree and start getting the house ready for baby. Trust me...Dec. 26th...the TREE WILL BE DOWN!

6. I own 10 bridesmaid's dresses. For some reason, I CAN NOT get rid of them. Over half I don't even like...and will never wear them again...but for sentimental reasons, I can't get rid of them! I've tried...and always stop myself.

7. I'm amazed at how much God blesses me. When I was 13 I needed braces. My parents could not afford them, God had someone pay for them. When I was 16, I needed a car, God had someone give me one. At 20, I needed another car, God gave me another one. He has always provided ANYTHING I need. For that I'm one blessed girl!


Ria Thurston said...

I loved reading more about you! You definetly have the FAVOR of the Lord on your sweet life :) Blessingss!!

love said...

keep update, please..bless you!!..................................................