Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little "dates" from Heaven!

So tonight, a friend reminded me that I had a Xanga account years ago. Totally had forgotten that I even had Xanga and so, I decided to go check out. I was reading and laughing and laughing and reading old posts about life back in the day.
THEN, I came across this post...and I almost started to cry!! September has always had amazing events, and as I was reading this post, I thought to myself...HOW great would this be if I'd written this post on Tristan's Birthday...3 years earlier! Sure enough, as God would have it, I did!! Our little T was born on Sept. 5, 2009 and in 2006, I posted this little blog about how much I love September...

How great is our God? Little "dates" from Heaven...just for me!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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September...one really should love this month. I, for one, enjoy September and here are just a few reasons why.

It was this time almost 20 years ago, that a little 8 year old girl prayed every night (FOR YEARS) that she would one day get a sister. AND...that blessed September 19, my dear little sister, Beka, was born.

My other dear sister (yep, I prayed so hard, God blessed me with two sisters!) Libby loves Septemeber cause of volleyball season starts. Libby's friend Brittany would also make mention at this moment that football season has started also. (Side note: If ever going to a football game...take Brittany. More than once she's "smelled" the football field the moment we head into the town. YOU can NEVER get lost with her in your car! Well, as long as you are hunting for the FOOTBALL FIELD!)

Speaking of FOOTBALL, September is the month where PRESEASON stops...and the REAL SEASON begins. There really is nothing like coming home from church, eating, changing clothes, and turning on the Bears in hopes of this being their year for the Super Bowl. NOTHING...like watching it for a while and then falling asleep right before halftime...getting up and rushing to church and having your friends texting you the score every 15 mins. while in church. NOTHING.

12 years ago, my parents decided that dear, little Floyd needed a Gospel Sing. AND...this Friday and Saturday, are two of my favorite days of the year. The food, the friends, and the groups. Life-changing. The only moment I dislike, is Saturday night from 7-11. Quite emotional that its ALMOST over...and you are the farthest distance from the NEXT Gospel Sing. *tear*

And so...I could write on. BUT, with my two favorite days of the year coming up, I will end thinking of GRAND memories I've made at the blessed event called the

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Dixieland57 said...

Wow! I would say you just experienced a FULL CIRCLE moment. God is soooo good about those kind of things..... That's why there's an O in the middle of His name.