Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shopping for baby boys!

It's a VERY cold night here in Iowa. So cold...but I'm in the mood to shop. SO, let's go shopping for my little boy! OK!? Are ya ready? Let's go!!!!

This is cute...I always think little boys in vests are so cute. Makes this look bigger than they are. Plus, with this weather, it keeps you much warmer!

Moving on...I'm ready for summer! Now, I KNOW my brother loves his sports and my baby boy won't be complete without a Nike outfit. So, here we are with this little Nike number. Once we get this...Uncle JP will be shopping for Nike shoes. He has good taste so I'll let him pick them out! ;)

Well...we need an everyday outfit. Here it is...just a cute little outfit for everyday. Just something that he can be comfortable and warm in March. Or April. Ya never know what Iowa weather will be like from day to day come spring!

Now, my sister gave me some great advice...you can never have too many sleepers. For Christmas, that's what we got Tristan. He outgrew his sleepers and didn't have any in the next size. SO...let's get some sleepers in the cart! Perfect! Just what we needed! Well, I think that's about it....oh wait...just one more thing that I see on the other side of the store!! Let's go look!

Huh...well, isn't this just the cutest! We could use this at Uncle JP and Soon to be Aunt Natasha's wedding! Well, maybe...we will have to look at sizes because Baby Easton will only be 4 weeks old...but isn't this just so cute and won't he look like a little man? Really, he might get more attention than the Groom! Just kidding, but how fun is this little suit?

Well, friends, that's the end of my shopping! Thanks for coming along for the ride! Less than 12 weeks until we get to meet this baby boy! God is so faithful...and I'm excited to hold this baby in my arms!

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Dixieland57 said...

I like them all. Let's buy them for little Easton. ;-)
Grandma Dixie