Thursday, February 4, 2010


Found this here from a new blogger friend! Thought I'd try it out...cause it's just so fun! Hope to see it on your blog soon!

I AM - pregnant with a VERY active baby today!

I HAVE – lots of things to GET DONE before this baby comes.

I WISH – I had a bigger house.

I WANT – to snap my fingers and my house would just be CLEAN!

I FEAR – mice. Ugh...grosses me out just typing the word out!

I HEAR – the crackle of our wood heat.

I WONDER – when this baby will be born!

I REGRET – not taking more chances.

I LOVE – my husband. He has been SO amazing!

I ALWAYS – carry something to drink...I panic EVERYTIME I don't have something to drink with me!

I USUALLY – wake up starving since I've been pregnant!

I AM NOT – a TV person. I LOVE the MUTE button when it's on! Just ask my husband!

I SING – in the CAR! Or in my house...I always have a song in my head!

I RARELY – eat sugar these days--except for tonight!

I NEVER – wear dress shoes anymore. TOO pregnant!

I CRY- MORE since I've been pregnant than EVER before!

I AM NOT ALWAYS- organized...and that makes me sad!

I NEED- God IN MY LIFE...I'm ugly without Him!

Let me know if you do this little thing! LOVE reading about each one of you!

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