Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do you know Ruby?

A friend of mine introduced me to Ruby. Just to give you a BIT of background, Ruby at one point weighed over 700 pounds. Somehow, she lost weight and got down to 400. Then, she started to video tape her progress with her friends. I've been amazed at her journey. She is a sweet, kind lady and I'm excited to see her progress.
This is the start of her show she was around 400 pounds. In the 1st season, she lost 100 pounds.

This is a recent picture of Ruby and she's looking great! This season (starts Feb. 14th) she is working on remembering her past. She doesn't remember anything about her childhood from birth to about 13. So, she is working on past memories.

I'm loving her story. She is a sweet southern girl who just makes me laugh. Such a cute girl, learning about eating right, working out, and learning to love her life!


Ria Thurston said...

Oh... We want to name our first daughter Ruby.. probably :) Cool story!

* said...

Neattt! Where is this show on? TLC? What is it called? Never heard of it! :)