Monday, February 8, 2010

The MANY faces of facebook!

Good Monday Morning to ya! Do you enjoy the Superbowl? I did! Very fun, and always a great way to end the football season.

Last night, after the game, I got on everyone's favorite---FACEBOOK---and was reading what people were saying. I had to laugh. ALMOST EVERY status was ABOUT the Superbowl! Good or bad...the Superbowl was a hit! ;)

It got me thinking last night about FACEBOOK. If YOU have a facebook what do you use it for? I've really been thinking what I use it for and I've come up with a FEW things...

1. To connect with FAR-AWAY-FRIENDS! Email, letter writing, visiting, all came to a halt when facebook was invented. Just kidding, but, it has been a GREAT tool to find long lost college friends and re-connect. SEE pictures of their children, homes, and just day-to-day lives. Really, makes me think they are NOT that far away. For that, Facebook has been a joy to have!

2. Another reason I enjoy it, is to share what is going on in MY life. Posting wedding pics, family time, friends, and a bit of everything, has been a great way to keep in touch with people myself! Just giving friends a glimpse into my small world and sharing a little sunshine makes it so fun!

3. Sometimes I use it (I TRY not to do this often) is to be snoopy. But, for the most part I try to stay away from that because I would rather have a friendship with someone that spend time snooping on their page trying to gain info!

Now, there is always some NOT SO NICE things about Facebook I don't like...

1. When people use their facebook to DAILY complain. Not fun...

2. When you have to READ into people's status and try to figure it out...childish.

3. When people add you to "spy" on your family. Really, people. We know what you are doing!

Facebook has SO MANY good things--it's sad, people make it not fun for others!

So, my blog friends...IF YOU have a facebook, what do you LOVE about it? Do you check your facebook daily? Does FB have something you don't really like? (Please note, this isn't a BASHING of friends/facebook time. So let's not be rude!) But, what does facebook mean to you?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Have a great MONDAY!


Just Me said...

I love facebook to connect and keep up with people, I like that it is easier than a phone call. I do like to facebook stalk at times..=) My new favorite thing is that my blog post everyday gets posted to facebook so that people who don't have blogs read it and hopefully I am being a light for Jesus to all of my friends on facebook too!! =)

Ria Thurston said...

Amen sister Steph! :) I think it is a great way to stay connected with people that you otherwise may not. I know it has been known to be called a "time-stealer" but I try to only have short segments on the fbook. With my new phone - I get the notifications right away and just quickly respond. I like that you can send private messages - easier than email sometimes!! Good post!

Ruth Ann said...

Facebook??? I must admitt that I have spend alot of time on FB in the last month since my daughter was born by C-section. I LOve that I am able to see pictures of my friends and Family, People that I otherwise would not see for years or ever again! Recently I found some people that I went to elementry school with. Also became friends with cousins that I met maybe twice in my lifetime!!
I mostly use FB to stay in contact with friends through messaging..
What makes me limit my time on FB?? I get annoyed when people try to through hints or are negetive so For my spiritual health I limit my time!! LOL
Don't know if I could give it up???

Jamie Willow said...

I realized around thanksgiving time when I took the challenge to write something every day I was thankful for how often I used my status update to complain. I have been trying not to do that anymore. I don't want to b that kind of a person.

I also love fb so I can watch Bachelor with my girlfriends near and far!


Great post!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I love facebook to keep up with old friends, and just see what fun things are going on! I'm pretty strict about who I keep on mine though...we both decided only close friends and family.