Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This ole' house

Wil and I have been looking at houses. Currently, we are renting an OLD farmhouse. A VERY TINY one at that. We've looked a a couple of houses in the past few weeks and haven't found any we REALLY have fallen in love with. This link will take you to the one we LIKE the best...but it's (can you even say this?) TOO big! 5 bedrooms. We DO NOT need that kind of room. It's very nice, and I LOVED looking at it...but I couldn't see ourselves living there. (sad to say!)


So, without BASHING my house that I currently live in, it has gotten me thinking about WHAT I AM looking for in a house. With life, I have rules that WILL NOT BE broken when it comes to buying a house...I've thought LONG and HARD and now I will be sharing them for the WORLD to see...
(Keep in mind, a girl can dream, money and budgeting are OUT of the question here. So prices don't count...)

1. My 1st rule is simple: It has to be near Floyd. Floyd is my hometown. My church is there, my family, two amazing parks, and the school I attended growing up. When I married Wil, he informed me he was a country boy, and needed land, country air, and deer in his backyard. I informed him, that was fine, but I wanted to be near Floyd. And HERE is my reasonings for this. Our children will attend the church-school in Floyd...so, I DO NOT want to be driving 15-20 mins ONE WAY to take my kids to school each day. So far, our school has NO bus route, and it's not looking promising that it will EVER get one..therefore, it is MY job to drive the kids to school. If we KNOW that for 18 PLUS years we will be driving them there is NO reason for us not to consider HOW MUCH driving will be done. Another reason, our church is in Floyd. Again, more driving, we attend Sunday morning, SOME Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights...and when they have something special going on...less on the road I'd say. PLUS, my family lives in Floyd...so once again, cousins will want to play with cousins, friends with friends. Yes, you MAY say that our world revolves around Floyd. It's ok. We know. And LOVE IT! (Your's would too if you lived here..:)

2. The next house HAS to have storage. Closets, (more than ONE, thank you!) a basement that isn't scary, (I have YET to go into ours and I've lived her for almost two years) and all the fun storage places that I have missed! Oh storage...you are SUCH a dream!

3. A NICE big bathroom. One where two people can stand in it together at the SAME time without having to move when the other one breathes. Also...a nice big tub...so when you are 8 months pregnant, and your BACK is hurting and feet are swollen, you can soak with a great book...and let all your worries fad away.

4. And, finally, (I could go on, but I won't!) Wil needs a MAN ROOM. Yes, a man room. A room where he can hang all his critters he's hunted over the years, the duck, the coyote, the bear, (yes, I said bear!) and ALL the deer, the turkey, and ALL the other animals to come. He NEEDS this room, just like I need a craft room. A craft room to scrapbook, create, sew, and make things.

So, that is what I'm looking for...what about you? What are 4 things you wish you had at your house? We all have them! Do share! Dream with me, tell me what you WISH you had! This post isn't to make you sad, or depressed, because creating it has made me laugh, and dream, and wish. All things that I know are good FOR ME from time to time! I can't WAIT to hear about your house! Til then, I'll be dreaming a bit more!


Burkinator said...

I will just be happy when we finish the master bath in our current house. Tim ripped it up before I moved in, so we've been using the guest bathroom. And there is a garden tub in there just collecting dry wall dust! The good news is that we've started working on it again.

Truly His said...

Woo.. love this post! :) Things I want:

1. A wrap around porch (have you ever seen Australia.. I LOVE that house they live in) for porch swings, dogs, children, etc.

2. A big kitchen with hanging pots and pans - this keeps it most organized. You do not need to bend over backwards...

3. A HUGEEEE bathroom Those kind that have a separate shower and bath... Two sinks and a "vanity set".. I pretty much live in the bathroom and would loveee a big one. At that.. I would love for it to go outside even. I believe its matthew Mcconaughey who has an outside shower that is private and filled with trees.. OHH, to dream.. that would be so fabulous!

4. I would love to have a yard filled with TREES that surrounds the house.. It would be "covered" or "hidden" so to speak. The large front trees would have tire swings and a sand box.

5. The drive way would go to the back of the house and be hid the garage behind the house.

I could go on and on and on.. I should probably post my "dream" house on my page :)

Callie Nicole said...

A library. I would love to have a room with just walls full of books - ah! But my husband and always dream about having a secret passage or secret room in our house someday - I think it would be so cool! But I wouldn't be able to tell anyone, because it would be a secret . . .
Oh, and a walk-in closet. I want a walk-in closet someday. But it will probably be a day far into the future before I get that!
I just came across your blog, and I've been enjoying reading it! :-)

Ria Thurston said...

Cuteeee blog renovation :) Is this a Beka creation??? I gave you an award on my blog - Lib did too... funny!!!

8847 said...
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