Monday, February 1, 2010

What's in your purse?

My sister has a blog and asked everyone what's in your purse. For as LONG as I've known her, (23 years) she has LOVED bags. All kinds. So, what a fun way to get to know someone while they show you their bag! I took her up on her offer, and today, I'm going to show you what's in my purse. Follow me, please!

My sister and I bought our purses at a craft show a few months back. We both have "rules" when we go in to buy a purse. Over the years we may have tweeked them a bit, but, as for now, here are my rules.
1. The purse MUST be able to slip over my shoulder only using ONE hand.
2. The purse MUST be big enough so that I can carry a book IN my purse.
3. The purse MUST have a side pocket for important things that need their OWN space.
All of these rules were followed when I found this purse. And so, it became mine...I love her! She's pretty on the outside, yet practical on the inside!

Last night, I cleaned out my purse. The other day ALL of my change FELL out of my wallet and landed at the bottom of my purse. FINALLY, I was able to clean it out and find the change. So, as of today, she is nice and clean. Starting at the left in the back, you have my calendar. I'd be lost without it! Keeps me going from place to place. The next tall pink thing is my Bible that I carry around just in case. The long pink thing is my wallet. Best wallet I've ever had! In between my Bible and wallet is a cute butterfly notebook. More on this later. In front, you have keys, sunglasses, lotion, and my eating guide for my Gestational Diabetes. Followed by tissues. My chapstick is hidden in my wallet in the coin section, and I ALSO have my camera in my purse, but I was using it to take pictures! Let's take a look deeper, shall we!? I've pulled out some goodies to show ya!

Usually, there is ALWAYS a book in my purse. Last night I was reading so the book wasn't in my purse, it was beside it. Currently, I'm reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. Loving it! A few years ago, they were running a special at Barnes and Noble for the WHOLE collection of Jane Austen books in ONE big book. I grabbed it and now, when I want to read a book of hers, lug the other 6 books with me. Kind of hard to carry in your purse, so I don't. How sad.

Like I've said before, I carry my Bible in my purse for those JUST in case times. I love my little pink Bible and I also always carry highlighters so when I get to church, I can be sure to highlight what passages my dad preaches about.

Lastly, my little butterfly notebook is in my purse to keep me organized. Most of you know my love for books runs deep, especially children's books. We have some AMAZING thrift stores around here and I've found great little buys at their store! So many good buys that I was coming home with the SAME books! To help that along, I've written MOST of the children's books I own in this notebook so I can avoid buying doubles! I never can remember what Frankin the Turtle books I own, or what American Girl books are sitting on my shelf. If I find one, I grab my little notebook and take a look-see. Sure enough, it has saved me several times! I don't leave home without it!

Well, friends, that's it! You now know what's in my purse! It's YOUR turn! You will be amazed at how fun it really is! Looking forward to snooping in your purse!

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Rachie. love this! just saw you did it. :)