Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby time

Around our house it is baby time. Let me say it again...B.A.B.Y T.I.M.E.

I'm NOT in labor...but almost everything I do, say, eat, sleep, clean, or realize is about this baby. And so is this post....:)

For the past few months I've been TRYING to find a way to let you all in on what's going on when it's time. For the LIFE of me I COULD NOT think of anything. Facebook was too OUT there for the world to see...and texting EVERYONE seems too much work. So, I just thought I wouldn't tell ANYONE until I could say...HE IS HERE...but I realized I'd make too many friends upset. SO, I've come up with a plan...I mean, I've TOOK someone's plan and made it my own.
My friend Mrs. B just had a baby last night. She started about a month or so ago a twitter account JUST to update everyone on baby news. She only allowed female friends to be apart and WHAT a great idea! So, today, after being at church from 9:15-2:30 and LOTS of people asking me HOW WILL THEY KNOW...I decided to "borrow" this idea from Mrs. B and follow in her baby steps.
AND SO... here it is.

IF you want to know what's going on --and you are female--and CARE about when I head to the hospital...feel free to follow my twitter. If not, no big deal and as soon as I can post on blogger HE IS HERE...I'll do it!

Til then...I'll see you on Twitter!!!


Mrs. B. said...

perfect! sign me up!

Ria Thurston said...

SO EXCITED!! I just clicked to follow :) :)

Burkinator said...

Ok, lady, ya better approve me!

jessica m said...

great ideas...great ideas!