Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1: A walk in the woods

My dear sister told me today that Wil and I needed to do something FUN each day until the baby is born. BECAUSE, it will NEVER be JUST the two of us again. So...we got our dr's appointment out of the way this morning and then, it was SOOO beautiful outside, we went into the woods looking for sheds. (Sheds=deer antlers) It was PERFECT out...Just look at these pictures!

Wil jumped out of the truck and took off! He was so excited. With our dog, Remington, in the lead we started out in the woods.
The sun was so warm, the ground was so muddy, but we kept on going and going and going. We went through branches and trees and over and under things. It was GREAT to be outside enjoying this weather!

Wil took a picture of me with my walking stick. (his walking stick really!) Man, I LOVED that walking saved me from falling about 3 times. If you are 9 months pregnant--and heading into the woods--walking sticks are a MUST! Really, I became a BIG fan!

Early in our walk...excited to be outside and enjoying the beautiful day!! Can't you tell we are ready for a baby!? We are excited!

And yes...these are MY boots and jeans. Mud. M.U.D. Halfway through I looked and Wil has his jeans in his boots--huh. Wonderful idea! By that was too late! Mud was EVERYWHERE! My boots were SOOOO heavy by the end of the walk. We walked for an hour and came home.

Ah...what a great way to spend the afternoon!!

5 comments:* said...

rach!!!!!!!! soooooo glad you do it!!!!!!!! :) Love you.

Truly His said...

I can tell those last pics before a BABY E is there!!!!!! :)

Claire said...

Way to get muddy!!! Looks like a great memory! Now when your wonderful Baby E gets here, you'll need one of these: he can join in the fun too!

Ria Thurston said...

Too fun!!! This is a great idea :)

jessica m said...

What a GREAT way to spend time with your man and wait for baby E!