Saturday, March 6, 2010

OK, this pregnant woman OUT!

Hey blogger moms!

I'm getting closer to my due date. AND, as the days go by, I'm getting more and more tired. More and more excited. More and more impatient. me out!

Just a few questions I have...

1. What did you do to help pass the time away?

2. What did you do for all the little aches and pains you had? (so far, a hot bath works well...anything else?)

3. Anything you can think of that I need to know, do, or experience before this baby comes...PLEASE pass along!!

I'm excited for this baby and KNOW my time being pregnant is ending...Just want it to go a BIT faster! ;)


Just Me said...

oh, I so remember having a love/hate relationship with pregnancy!! For my aches and pains my Gigi (my mom's mom) made me a felt bag filled with rice. you pop it in the microwave for like 3 minutes or untill it is hot and than you put it on, well for me, my lower back. ahhhh heaven. all you have to do is fill like a large sock with rice (probably not minute rice...mmm ) and you can have one too!! Also good for your toes on cold winter nights.

AND, I would say go on some good dates with hubby. Get some good quality time in, because soon both of you will be tired and busy with a new one!!


Mrs. B. said...

Take tylenol for the pains. It really does work. :) That's all I've got.

Kelley said...

1- LOTS of walking and researching bogus ways to jump start labor... eating Mexican food was my favorite! But really, nothing cured my impatience.

2- Swimming was oh-so-nice when I was due in July. I always wanted to visit the gym's indoor pool with my February and November babies... never did though!

3- Find a photographer now, and schedule a newborn photo appointment immediately after you bring him home from the hospital. There is NOTHING like professional portraits of your baby at less than a week old. They change so quickly those first days, so don't wait to capture him at his tiniest!

4- my OB unofficially prescribed sex as a way to thin the cervix and get labor started. Maybe it worked- all my kids were 1 or 2 weeks early.

Natasha said...

I drank raspberry leaf tea after about 35 weeks and both my kids were born about 1 week early with 4 hour labors and hardly any after-birth is a miracle brew! Not sure if it is available in the US etc but it is quite popular here in Australia.

Best wishes,

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

My son was LATE and then LATER forced out because he failed his BPP. I tried ALL the ways to start labor and nothing worked. then with my second I realized I wanted to enjoy just being pregnant. Spend time with your might be a while before you all get to go out just the two of you, watch a movie without crying :) Catch up with some old friends or read a book. Good luck, it really will be here before you know it.

Letherton said...

I would make a bunch of freezable meals for lunches and dinner and freeze them. You will be very exhausted and very thankful to have food available after 3-5 minutes in a microwave. Also this will keep you busy :)

Claire said...

I only made it to 37 weeks with my daughter... but I still felt as though my pregnancy lasted forever!

For my aches and pains I used a foot bath, and my husband was incredible at massages ;) A good back massage and foot rub were heavenly for me!

Plan a nice weekend with your hubby and soak up one last time as just the two of you! Once baby comes, it will be more difficult to find quality time for just you two, so enjoy it! Plan a weekend away if you can (close to the hospital ;) or just make your own "hotel at home" plan a special candle lit dinner (take out so you don't have to work!) and just enjoy some relaxing time together ;) Treasure the time you have alone together and spend this time just praying about your future as parents!

Don't worry about things you need to know... as soon as your son is in your arms, none of the research or advice will really matter. He's YOUR son and parenting him is between you, your hubby and the Lord who gave him to you! I'm not sure what your personality is, but be careful not to "over-research". It can do more harm than good.

Praying for you!!

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