Thursday, April 29, 2010

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Yesterday was a PERFECT day. JUST perfect. Wil, Easton, and I woke up early and went to Aroma's to get some coffee.

Easton's 1st time in Aroma's.
Wil---before the coffee!

Me---with my Iced chai tea. YUM!

Then, we headed for a walk...SUCH a beautiful DAY!

Easton wanted OUT of his Wil carried him as we walked. He liked that better!

Our little family!

After coffee and a walk, we headed to a Stillwater Greenhouse with my family.

Us---at Stillwater---We WILL be back to get more flowers!


A wanna be Laura Ingalls....

Going back to his Mennonite roots! ;)

Such a grand day!


jessica m said...

What a cute Post!!! YOU are a beautiful momma and your family is precious!* said...

RACHEL! You look absolutely ADORABLE in that hat! hahahaha! NOW THAT is a hat I couldn't pull off! ;) I LOVE YOU and THANKS for giving me the best nephew ever! :D

beka said...

You guys are beyond cute.
I got excited when I saw your post in my Dashboard!
Sweet baby's getting bigger:)
Mmm, chai tea! So good.
Looks like a wonderfee time!