Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Blues...

Wedding Weekend Pictures....

At the reception...such a NEAT place!
My dad, Uncle Don, and Uncle Dennis...Praying for each other at the end of the service on Sunday. SOOOO moving!

The 3 sisters before Libby had to leave to go back to VA!
Here I sit. at 11:15am in my pj's. Yep. Easton is still in his pj's too. This weekend was WILD. Wedding WILD. My brother got married and both my husband and myself were in the wedding. My 3 week old did SOOOOOO well.
BUT, today...we are TRYING to get back to our NORMAL days...and its hard. Here are JUST a few reasons WHY.

1. Our HOUSE is a mess. Clothes. Suitcases. Gifts. Etc. Ugh. Needs to be picked up. AND I'm WAAAY tooo tired to do it.

2. Since THURSDAY....Easton has been held 12 hours straight. By family and friends. 12 hours. a day. 12. UGH. DOUBLE UGH., we are working at TRYING to get back to the OLD routine about laying him down...falling asleep...STAYING asleep and waking up HAPPY. It's been a morning.

******************************The time is now 12:30***********************************

And I have had to START and STOP this blog because of a little baby that needs his mommy. The whole STAYING asleep thing is hard for him. (Me, not so much...the staying awake thing is hard for me.)

As you can see this is a very hard morning....and now has moved into the afternoon. BUT, slowly we are working on it! SLOWLY!

Because I was IN the wedding, I don't have ANY pics of us in our dresses on my camera. BUT, here are some pics and I will post MORE as others post them and I grab (or steal) them off facebook. :)


Karie said...

Oh how I remember days like that. I'm so impressed by you! I didn't feel human until MJ was about 6 weeks old.

子珠 said...

It's great!!..................................................

Just Me said...

Oh I so did that! My baby was four weeks old and my lil' bro got married and hubby and I were in the wedding! So glad it went well!! oh, how busy you are with that sweet baby!!! Got a little giveaway going on, come check it out!!