Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...

Today was PERFECT weather to be outside! Last week it rained for days...but today, Iowa once again redeemed itself and here are pictures to prove it!

Wil and I went to the lake and while he fished, Easton and I went for a nice walk.
The birds were singing, the sky was amazingly blue, the green all around made so happy. We walked and we walked. Such a perfect day!
This was Wil's fishing spot. I brought a lawn chair and a good book while he was finishing up this little fishing day. Easton loved being outside! He looked ALL around and kicked his feet.

Wil parked the car and walked over to the OTHER side of the lake to fish. After my hour walk, with Easton in the stroller, and a lawn chair on my back, I walked over to be with Wil. Ugh. Halfway there, through mud, and grass, and dirt, up hills, in muddy water, and the sun beating down on me, I got there. I felt like a pioneer woman, trying to live, beat the odds so her child could have a better life...The picture above is the END of our LOOONG walk to meet up with Wil. Yes, it's prettier in the picture than with a stroller and lawn chair on your back!

Changing up bait. Trying to catch a BIG ONE!

Easton slept the WHOLE walk, and on the way to the car Easton just started talking and cooing and looking at his daddy. He did look over at me to get this cute picture. *NOTE* Yes, it was 70 degrees. Yes, it was sunny and warm. Yes, we do have TWO blankets on our baby. WHY--you ask--Easton is ALWAYS (I promise) ALWAYS cold. He wears short sleeves and his lips quiver. SO...we always have ONE blanket around him...and the heavy "lamb" blanket has to be by his face when he sleeps. SO two blankets it is!

After the "trail of tears" trip to find my husband, I had Wil push the stroller back. I carried the lawn chair and we both carried the fishing pole. Yes, I did whistle the Andy Griffith tune as we walked...when I had the fishing pole. I couldn't help myself!

Talking and cooing with his daddy! Happy baby loves to be outside!

My sweet baby boy---I can't get enough of him! ;)

Talking about the next fishing trip we plan to take!

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