Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day in July

Saturday morning...7am Easton wakes up after sleeping through the night. (Such a good little boy!) I feed him his bottle and he falls RIGHT back to sleep. He and I both sleep in until 9. And THEN, we begin our day! (Sorry there are NO pics of us at the 7am hour...the camera was downstairs and us up. Was NOT going to get out of bed for that!)

9am we head downstairs. Easton and I read some books while we are still waking up. His FAVORITE book to "read" is Animal Hide and Seek which is what we are reading in the picture above. He leans forward as far as I will let him and tries to grab the book. Then he gets alllllll wild and can't wait for me to turn the page. And the process starts alllllll over again til the end of the book!
For some reason I've lost 3 of my other pictures so I'll explain here...Easton plays on the floor while I eat breakfast. My breakfast: Raisin Bran. Boring. Yes. But, when you are forced to eat a low fat diet Raisin Bran is a treat I tell ya. A really good treat! Moving on...So, after I finish breakfast I realize I need to upload my pictures on my computer so I have room for all the pictures I take today. Easton is sitting on my lap while I'm doing uploading and he is annoyed that I won't let him play with my camera. That, and he's tired.

Fussy baby. No fun for mom! I kept telling him, "Just a minute and you can go take a nap!!" After what seemed like an HOUR, my pictures were ON my computer. Also had some videos of Easton on my camera too. SO just for fun I thought I'd watch them...Yes, Easton was still crying. Not hard crying...just fussy crying. There is a difference! ;)

AND BOY...did Easton LOVE IT! So, sitting in our pj's Easton and I watched a video on my computer of himself. (Yes, bad mom=me letting my child LOOK at a computer screen.) BUT, it was amazing how he went from fussy baby to HAPPY baby in a matter of 1 second.

He made me laugh because he LOVED watching himself on video! He talked and cooed and started to fuss when the 45 second video was over.
Finally, around 9am I realized that Easton was super tired (movies will do that to ya!) and went to make him a bottle.

Some of my favorite moments in my day is feeding my baby! When I was hospitalized I couldn't breastfeed my baby due to meds. And after a 9 day stay, and many other reasons, breastfeeding was no longer an option. Yes, I was sad, and cried for two days. BUT, I when I got better, I realized HOW SICK I was, and how MUCH worse it could have been. My mom kept saying, "Rachel, just be glad we live in a day where formula is an option!" So, I rejoice that someone came up with the idea of formula...so my baby can eat. Not my ideal, but it works and he's growing! AND, I love watching him eat...which is a goooood thing because he is a very slow eater!

After feeding Easton I put him down for his 1st nap of the day. Then, I go into the kitchen and start washing dishes. Bottles mostly. (downside to formula....) I feel like I'm ALWAYS washing bottles. They never go away.
Now that Easton is sleeping I head to do some fun things...just for me!

For the past several weeks I've started to hate my diaper bag. So, I decided to make my own. Using my leftover material from another project I started in...I knew I wouldn't finish it today, but at least I got a chance to work on it while Easton naps!

This is my 1st one I made. I LOVE IT. Just perfect. The bag is a bit smaller than I like, but for everyday running around...it's a good bag! The one I'm working on is going to be bigger. :)

11am I start getting lunch ready. My husband who got up at 4:30 (nope. Didn't even THINK to get a picture at that hour of him leaving) went fishing and came home hungry. Plus, we have things to do right after lunch...so early lunch it is!!
Once again...my lunch is boring. Ham/turkey sandwich. No mayo or anything with fat in it. Grapes...and baked chips with fat free sour cream (gross) mixed with salsa. Next month, when I do this again...my diet WILL be over and I WILL be eating GOOD foods again!

My dear husband at the lunch table with his coffee mug. His food wasn't at all fat free. He had little smokies and scrapple. Yes. Scrapple. What is scrapple you may ask? Well, I'll try to explain. It's more of a Mennonite breakfast food. From what I've learned it's the leftover meat on the bones from beef and you boil it off and put it all together in a bread pan. Then, you slice it REALLY thin and fry it. FULL.OF.FAT. So, I stay away from the stuff...and did BEFORE I was forced on this low fat diet.

Lunch is over and Baby Boy gets up from his nap. We have a wedding so it's off to get ALL of us cleaned and looking good for our afternoon away! Easton's favorite time is bathtime. He would stay in there all day kicking and splashing around. Sometimes I do wonder who is getting the bath...Easton or myself. Hard to tell sometimes!

2:45pm Due to the whirlwind of events...and getting EVERYTHING ready and OUT THE DOOR on time...the camera was put away for the time being. BUT, here is a picture of our family at the wedding....A rare but fun event that EVERYONE was showered, dressed, and smelling good. Easton is wearing the outfit my sister, Libby and her husband Isaac gave him. I LOVE IT!

3:05pm During the wedding...just trying to keep him from talking or crying. :) We only had ONE issue and that was RIGHT during the prayer. BUT, we made it OUT before he got too loud!

3:15pm My daddy did the 1st part of the wedding. I LOVE this picture of him! What a man of God. He did an amazing job and I'm so proud of him!

3:45pm My sister sang a duet with the Father of the Groom. The Groom was a classmate and really good friend of Beka's so it was extra special. The duet was amazing and I HOPE someone got it on tape...so I can hear it again. Both people have amazing voices and I might have a reinactment of my wedding and just throw that song in as an extra bonus just to hear it. You are all invited and you may bring gifts! ;)

6:00pm The happy couple! Tyson and Christie Roberts. Such a sweet couple and I'm sooooo happy for them! Tyson went to our Christian School. He never was a "direct" student of mine, but the high school classes and middle school classes do SO many things together he might of as well been in my class! I'm just beginning to know Christie (Carr) Roberts. She is as sweet as they come!

The wedding was flawlessly beautiful and honestly, I've been to my fair share of weddings...I don't think ONE THING went wrong. AND if it did....we never knew! Such a wonderful couple and I'm so excited to see them grow as a couple!

7:30pm On our way home from the wedding! Easton didn't want to sit in the backseat alone so I sat back there with him. This is his travel book....and let me tell ya...we DO NOT leave home without it. He doesn't read it...but eats it. If he drops it...he will let you know!

Once we got home from the wedding, Easton went to bed for the night and Wil and I just sat and relaxed. We were sooo tired from the day's events that the camera was put away and we lost ourselves in books and computer time.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good day!


Truly His said...

AHHHH!! Easton is so precious. Rachel, you are such a great momma and I enjoyed that blog so much. I read every word. I am so happy you like the outfit we got him. I think its so cute. Isaac's favorite color (he wants me to add that). :) I love you, sissy and the woman you have become!

Mrs. B. said...

Looks like a great day! :) Easton is suuuuch a cute guy. Love him.
And he's sleeping thru the night. Seriously...Prince Charming. ;)
Thanks for doing Day in July. I loved it!

Ria Thurston said...

COOL post! Thanks for sharing your day-to-day life :) I find it SO interesting!!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Babys, food, weddings, what more could I ask for in a post??


Jamie Willow said...

Easton is just perfect. perfect. oh my word. i love him.