Monday, July 5, 2010

S-L-O-W-L-Y getting back to normal!


I'm BACK. It's been ALMOST a month...but I'm back. My summer plans had a LITTLE glitch in them...Let's start at the beginning!

The Thursday BEFORE Father's Day Wil and I dropped off our sweet baby boy at my parent's house and went to see Robin Hood. WE WERE SOOOOOOO excited! 1st date since E was born. We got the works...POPCORN, CANDY, and POP. 30 mins. into the movie...I have TERRIBLE pain in my side and back. I head to the bathroom and realize I'm about to PASS OUT!

I text my husband (yep! From the bathroom) and tell him I'm sick and need to LEAVE NOW! So...POOR Robin Hood---we STILL don't know what happened! We LEAVE. And head to get our baby boy.

In the car I got REALLLLLLLY sick and the PAIN is WAAAAAAY worse. We pull into my parent's house and I head RIGHT to the bathroom. I'm thrashing on the floor in pain and FINALLY mom tells us she THINKS it's my gallbladder and we need to HEAD to the ER. SO. We head 30 mins to the ER...with the pain getting WORSE. By the time they got me to the ER my pain was COMING down slowly. Sure enough. Gallbladder---with LOTS of STONES. Yuck.

They inform ME to eat a LOW FAT diet. Surgery was set for the following week. Go home and take it easy.

Friday and Saturday I did NOTHING. Still in SOME pain.

Sunday Morning I woke up and realized Father's Day was that day! I went downstairs and told my husband HAPPY 1st Father's Day! THEN. THE. PAIN. HIT.

I called my mom and told her to come. By the time she got to my house, I was OUT the DOOR headed to the ER AGAIN. The PAIN was WAAAAY WORSE. AND I COULD NOT be still. EVERYTHING HURT. My mom was going to meet us over there after she got Easton ready for the day.

At the ER they wasted NO TIME and got me a wheelchair and took me back to where the REALLLLLY SICK people are. They hooked me up to an IV. I BEGGED my husband to just knock me out due to the pain. I begged for SOMETHING to help me. ANYTHING at that point. FINALLY, they started giving me morphine. TWO BIG shots of it....and it ONLY helped the pain SOMEWHAT. They came and took blood. The results were in. I NOT ONLY had gallstones...BUT Pancreatitis. YOUR numbers are to be around 150...MINE were around 7000. So, they informed me that I was REALLLLLLY SICK. AND would be moving into the hospital for QUITE SOMETIME.

I won't bore you with details but ended up staying 9 days at the hospital. Most of it at the beginning the PAIN was terrible.
Missed my husband and baby boy so much!

Had to give up breastfeeding due to the drugs I was on...:(

Watched everyday my parents take my baby boy home to their house...CRIED everytime.

HIGHLIGHTS: (Trying to find SOME postive thing)
The BEST whirl pool ever!

Meeting my nurse Sarah and getting to know her!

SO. A week ago around THIS TIME Monday evening I was free to go home. We moved in with my parents for about 4 days so they could help take care of me. NOW, we are home and I'm STILL taking it easy.

Surgery will be at the END of the month. (my "insides" are too sick to operate right now!)

So...that's been my month. Pray for me and my little family as we spend our summer GETTING BETTER!
MISSED you all sooo much!


Sheri said...

Feel better soon! I had to have an emergency gall bladder surgery this year and I know that pain is so intense and indescribable and it was JUST a clogged duct, can't imagine tossing pancreatitis into the ring.

Jamie Willow said...

"Watched everyday my parents take my baby boy home to their house...CRIED everytime."

um...I cried just reading that. I can NOT image...insult to injury as the expression goes :( :( :(

I'm glad you are finally feeling a little better.


Melis said...

Oh. My. Goodness! You poor thing! My heart broke about seven different times while reading what you've been too! I am praying for a very quick recovery so you can get back to your beautiful life!

Mrs. B. said...

Girl! You have been THRU it. :( I'm so sorry.
I'm with sad to see your baby go and know you can't take care of him the way you want to.
What a blessing that your parents live near and can take such good care of him.
Get well!!

Ria Thurston said...


Ohh.. Rae... I followed Beka on twitter and felt so terrible! Prayed for you!! Believing you are on the up & up! Heard that gallstones can happen after pregnancy. Yikes!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie M. Page said...

oh hunny i so sorry!!!! How terrible!! I AM PRAYING!!