Sunday, August 1, 2010

31 Days of Summer

Summer has arrived. For me, anyway. As most of you know, I spent 9 days of June in the hospital. I then, spent MOST of the 1st part of July trying to regain my energy and strength. Which meant, I sat on a couch and sat. Held Easton. And sat. Didn't do ANYTHING remotely fun because FUN was energy I needed to take care of Easton. So, sit I did.

THEN, RIGHT when I was feeling that I was back to "normal" Wednesday I had surgery and I ended out my month of July once again...sitting. Ugh. NO FUN. EVER.

So, it dawned on me last night that I've spent my WHOLE summer inside sitting. I've only gone swimming once. (the DAY before surgery) and I did that out of sheer rebellion because I wasn't going to do ANYTHING I didn't want to that day.

Today is Aug. 1st. AND, I although YOU may be getting your kids back to school supplies in the next few weeks, I'm living my dream. 31 days of summer. 31 days of I get to do whatever "summery" things I want. Swimming, biking, being outdoors, eating sweet corn, outdoor concerts, cookouts with friends, and the list goes ON AND ON. So, GET READY. 31 fun things--one for each day in Aug. I'm ending this summer with a bang. AND not one that lands me BACK in the hospital.

AND here is my 1st day of summer.
Aug. 1st.

Today, after a GREAT church service, Wil and I packed our bags and headed over to [THE NOT SO] Clear Lake. SO fun to be outside and Easton loved being outside. And here is a few pics of the afternoon. PERFECT summer day. Just perfect. For our perfect little family.
Getting tired after spending the afternoon outside. BUT, what a great day, the clouds were PERFECT and the sun just kissed us over and over again. The water rushed to meet us as we waded into the water. (Due to surgery...couldn't go ALL the way in) But, what a time we had!

ALL smiles because he was outside with his parents enjoying a family day. He loved to look at the LONG as he wasn't in them. The crashing sound scared him so we mainly just sat and watched them. He loved being IN the water...but not where he could hear the waves. Surfer boy? Er...maybe later.

Across the lake was a water fountain park where kids would run and run and play. We took Easton over there and he LOVED watching the water. The water was SUPER cold. AND you never knew how high the water would get, he still loved to watch it. He'd try to get his face super close and droplets of water would be ALL over his face...HE LOVED IT. Favorite place ALL day for this little boy.

We took him to the fountains twice. Once as a whole family and once just Easton and myself. Next year will be SO fun when he can run through it. And, as long as they don't sound like waves, my little surfer boy will do just fine! ;)

LOVING our 1st day of summer! AND what a great way to start our summer out by being at a beach. With water, friends, sun, and family.

Oh yes, and I couldn't help but get a cute pic of his shoes. Really, they are so cute. He loved looking at them trying to figure out just what were on his feet. (he's been barefoot the whole summer.) So, this was a treat for him and myself who love shoes. Comfortable shoes.

So, all in all we had a GREAT 1st day of summer.
Can't wait for MORE summer fun!!


Jamie Willow said...

what a wonderful idea!!! can't wait to see all the fun things you do :)

Mrs. B. said...

I love this. :) What a way to redeem the icky start to your summer. You are so inspiring with your positive outlook.
Enjoy your summer!