Monday, August 2, 2010

31 Days of Summer DAY 2

Today was a beautiful morning full of storm clouds and slight rain. Easton and I woke at the same time of 7:30am and braved ourselves for the day. Right away, I noticed that Easton seemed to be upset. And, I would find out SOON that cutting teeth...HURTS. But, that's a later story...and here's DAY 2 of our SUMMER FUN....

Last summer I DREAMED about freezing corn. The WHOLE summer that's all I wanted to do. Save the juicy mouth-watering goodness of Iowa's claim to fame and freeze it. THEN, in the winter months, when snow is higher than your car, leaving the house would be the worst idea ever, and above freezing is just a dream--you could take out your frozen sweet corn YOU GREW in YOUR garden and make some soup and eat some delicious Iowa sweet corn and melt all your worries away. (and maybe some snow)

But, surprise, I got pregnant, and the thing I COULD NOT handle ever...was the TASTE of sweet corn. Ugh. Such a terrible, horrible, cruel twist of fate. And so, corn season ended with me eating 1 cob...and NO corn in my freezer. I was sad the WHOLE winter.

This summer, I'm NOT pregnant and I am eating it as fast as we can get it. (Making up for last summer!) AND TODAY, with my friend, Ruth Ann and her super cute kids, we "did" some sweet corn. We started around 9am (Ruth Ann was up WAAAAY earlier doing all the work I just showed take pictures!) But, the corn got done!
YUM. Ready to eat.
Letting it get cold. Oh the fun we had.

We worked on corn outside til the rain ran us back inside. BUT, by lunch we had LOTS of corn DONE and in the freezer. Just waiting for winter to come. (Riiiight. Not yet!)

Easton and I headed home around noon and it became apparent to me that he was NOT having a good day. So, the afternoon consisted of hugs, cuddles, and singing with mommy. Poor little boy--teeth can be a real pain. Or lack of teeth can be a real pain too. He slept poorly, ate poorly, cried very well, and just wanted his mommy. We took it easy and I even let him watch 15 mins of Clifford the Big Red Dog. He loved it.

Then, after supper we had a bridal shower to attend. My dearest friend, Brook is marrying the love of her life, Joel. Brook and I go way back to grade school and Joel and I go way back to last summer when Brook told me she met a guy. They are getting married in NEXT month and I'm honored to be a Bridesmaid. evening with the girls is ALWAYS in order!

The CUTE (but blurry) centerpieces. I must stop and tell you that Joel works at a coffee shop and Brook LOVES her coffee. (AND HER MAN, but has always loved her coffee) So, it just seems fitting that Brook marry a man that knows how to make some good coffee. And the theme for the bridal shower became THE PERFECT BLEND. With coffee and coffee-y foods served to the guests. (Joel wasn't there to make the drinks...BUT wouldn't of THAT been cute!?

Our head table...With "scrabble" pieces saying BROOK AND JOEL. (Brook's family is a BIG scrabble family...they even have TRAVEL SCRABBLE and go to coffee shops and play.) Joel also taught them SPEED SCRABBLE and so, just another reason it's a match made in Heaven. Be looking for them at coffee shops near you!

Sad, but true fact: Brook is moving 5 hours away from me to MN. WAAAY up north. I think back in high school when she'd go on vacation there for a week--I'd go nuts. AND NOW, she's moving there. Yes, Brook and her family have vacationed in Joel's hometown for YEARS. AND just last summer---they met for the 1st time. Sweet story. Falling in love on vacation. Another reason to love summer. Ahhh.
Close up of the wall...I mean, talent. Pure, talent.

AND, for all you foodie's out there...we have some wonderful delish scones. Straight from Joel's coffee shop. Took some leftovers home with me and WILL be having one for breakfast in the morning. Yum!

Cute little table decs. Coffee pot with flowers. Really. They DO think of everything.

AND for your viewing iced coffee. I blame this little guy right here for me sitting up after 11pm with my whole living room SPOTLESSLY clean and me just dying to start doing something else. WIDEAWAKE. Me. But, let me tell you...that drink was totally worth it. Yum. And this is coming from a NON COFFEE drinker. I try so hard. SO hard to like coffee. But, I can't. BUT, this iced It's my 1 coffee drink. One day I will be grown up enough to like coffee. Til then, iced tea with extra ice, please.

My poor little boy with his very 1st terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Had I owned the book we would have read it together. They should have added a part in there about cutting teeth so E and I could relate. Can you see in his eyes he doesn't feel good? Yet, as my son can only do, at the shower, he smiled and laughed and cooed at all the girls and everyone couldn't believe he had a bad day.
Trust me. I wanted to take his pain for him. Sad.
My sister and her little boy Tristan. She was introducing herself and T and the WHOLE time T thought it was his turn to talk. I was laughing so hard. He really does have some great ideas...if only we could understand them. I laughed and laughed at him...he melts my heart! I have to say that I'm SO proud of this picture because it captures him perfectly!

Finally with the Bride herself..Poor E was just kind of thrown in with his belly hanging out. But, this is Brook and we had a lovely time at her shower. She is the dearest friend a girl could ask for and I LOVE being apart of her life.

And so, it's waaay past this girl's bedtime and tomorrow is another fun-filled SUMMER day. My coffee is slowly leaving me and I'm off to get some sleep!


Claire said...

I'm having so much fun reading about your 31 days of summer! What a great idea! I was praying for you and feeling for you during your surgery time (as I think I mentioned, I had my gallbladder removed last January when Peyton was 7 months... and had been suffering from those HORRIBLE gall stone attacks for a few months before) I love that you're reclaiming summer!!!! What a great bridal shower idea! Looks like so much fun :) Easton is growing so big and looks a lot like your hubby :) Blessings on your 3rd day of summer today! Can't wait to read what you'll do with it ;)

Truly His said...