Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 3 of summer goodness...

Tuesday morning I was on a mission. Clean out some areas of my house that NEEDED some attention. HOW ON EARTH do things get out of control so fast?

When I got married, I asked for TONS of dishtowels. In fact, I THINK a few people went together and bought me ALL the dishtowels I needed. So, yesterday morning...the dishtowel tub is one of the areas I cleaned out!


Yesterday morning I worked and cleaned while Easton took his nap. BUT, when he woke up, he and I played with his NEW toy from my mom's Aunt Lois. (TRUST me on this...when it comes to TOYS you want Aunt Lois to PICK THEM OUT.)

We LOVE IT! Easton loves being in this toy and he can turn around and jump and drool all over the place. He was so excited and just LOVED that he was standing. OH how my boy loves to stand.

Tryin to be big! ;)

After we got done playing in the afternoon we were going OUT to have some fun. BUT, I declared yesterday NO MAKEUP day and honestly...that's the TRUE summer spirit coming out. LOVE.MY.SUMMER.
After lunch (and a detour to McDonalds for their sweet tea) we headed over to my friend, Ruth Ann's house for a playdate. Honestly, I don't know who plays more...the babies...or the mom's. But, it was so fun! Ruth Ann is in the works of starting her own business so the babies were the models for the we spent the beginning outside. Easton has his 1st swing ride and loved it. Relaxed and kicked back--the world was his oyster. (what does that even mean?)

The whole time he was watching the other babies play. Honestly, I could just watch him all day. So glad he's mine! a GOOD summer day, the heat got to we headed inside for come A/C goodness. And some baby playtime...
Kenzie drinking Hadassah's water bottle. Learning to share is so much fun! ;)
My favorite little nephew Tristan. I told mom last night...being with Tristan makes me want to have JUST BOYS and make mudpies and forts, go fishing and pick up sticks, have water fights and jump in mud puddles. He's just all boy and I love it.

We got home and I HAD to put on Easton's rain boots. Cause they fit. Not a rain cloud in sight but they were just tooooooo cute to not put them on.

My little teething boy with his rain boots. Cause, we all know, that rain boots just make everything better!

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