Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whew! I'm back. What a week it has been! Let's see, when I last posted was a week ago! Time flies when you are having fun! A week ago, we received some sad news. My mom's uncle passed away from cancer. He had been fighting it for a year. With funerals come FAMILY! Although we were very sad to lose a family member, there is NOTHING better than getting to see your cousins! AND in my book...SUMMER=COUSINS it was a nice "ending" to my summer.

In no order...I give you some pictures from this weekend and last week. They are ALL over the place so TRY to keep up! ;)

Sunday night we had our church baptizm...and our church has never fancy-nope. Backyard swimming pool works for us! We use to do it at the river...but thankfully, a family has a swimming pool we enjoy. Easton enjoys a swim after the service is over. (Frankly, I was sad I couldn't jump in! That night was soooooo hot!)
During the baptizm Tristan loved to put his hands in the water.

Pastor Paul (my daddy!) during the service. I was moved to tears several times during the service!

My good friend Ruth Ann and her family all getting baptized. They were horse and buggy Mennonite and got saved after they left that church. Powerful how their family--TOGETHER--got baptized. (they do have 2 more children who are 2 and 7 months.)

One of my most favoritest cousin--Sarah. Love her so much and hate it that we live so far away! She got to meet Easton for the 1st time and they really do love each other! My childhood summers were spent with this girl! So many memories. Her parents would bring her out for two weeks and OH THE MEMORIES WE MADE! She's stay at grandma's house those two weeks and we'd watch movies, go swimming, and play in our playhouse. (and so much more!)
Summertime=BOOKS! As a former teacher I use to spend MOST of my summer catching up on some good reading. My mama and Tristan having a good time reading book!
My baby boy asleep in my arms. Bliss! He loves to sleep in his bed. So, we don't get to do this very often...but when we are out and about I love when he falls asleep in my arms.
AND, what summer is not complete without homemade icecream and fresh peach pie?

More jumping time (still in our rainboots) in our newest and favorite toy! From Aunt Lois!
Dr. visit for Mr. Easton. His 4 month checkup...weighing in at 15 lbs. and 25 3/4 inches long. Happy baby.
He loved being able to stand and hear the "crunch" of the paper under his feet.
A little taste of Farmer's Market...
Waking up early to watch daddy clean the fish he caught.
Loving on daddy.

We have been busy. Lots of fun and great memories were made this week. Lots of cousin time and stories of yester-year were told.

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday and tomorrow we celebrate my husband's birthday. We are having a blast!
Loving the last few weeks of summer!

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