Friday, August 27, 2010

A day in August...

CONFESSION: Around 9am I thought to myself...HUH, today would be a GREAT day to do A DAY IN I grabbed my camera and started clicking, after we'd been up for a while. So, let me give you a brief update on our camera-less (new word) morning.

Monday, Aug. 16, 2010

6:30am: Easton wakes up. I bring him in bed and we all fall back to sleep.

7:00am: Easton wakes up for good. Make bottle. Feed him. Come downstairs. Finish feeding Easton and then make myself breakfast. Boring cereal...or was it toast? I can't remember.

8am: Start the bath. My favorite time of the day. Bathtime with Easton. Last week he learned how to splash and he loves when we just sit and splash. He's not afraid to get water in his face. So kick and splash he does. He loves water. (Just like me) So, we spend a GREAT deal of time in our bath. Maybe like 30-60 mins a morning, or afternoon or evening. When we are NOT rushed to get out the door. And, this is without bath toys. Yes. Pure splashing fun.

GOOD morning....Felt the need to show you what I look like pre-bath.

My little fish. A bath must-haves: BUBBLES. Lots of bubbles. Hot water. Cute baby boy and a mommy. Lots of water-fun.

Loves the camera. This week I realized that we needed bath toys. BUT, if we bought bath toys we'd never get I'm holding off til next week.

He loves bubbles. He tries to grab them...but his hand goes into the water. And he looks for the bubbles in his hand but can't get them. Over and over we try this...til our water gets cold.
Cold water=time to get out! (yep, we run out of hot water every morning we take a bath.)

10am: Easton goes down for a nap. I come to check on him. Poor boy STILL has to be swaddled and STILL has to SMASH his face into a blanket. We are working on it...but what's not broke...we don't need to fix. AND since I'm sleeping and he's sleeping we both our happy. Swaddle and blanket and binkie are a must come sleeping time.

10:20am: I start a load of towels. Let me start again...I start a load of ALLLLL the towels we have in our house. (Too many baths!) But for real, we only have like 8 towels total and so it was time to wash them!

10:45am: I sit down and zone out on facebook and blogger. Facebook just to check to see if anything is going on and blogger to read my favorite blogs. Hoping that my favorites will blog something.

11:45am:Baby boy wakes up and daddy gets to feed him. (yep, pretty sure I've been on the computer that WHOLE entire time.) Oh make my heart sing. (My husband isn't mad that was his WHY THE PICTURE taking ALL THE TIME face) Just wait, Mr. Nolt...just wait!)

Noon: LUNCH TIME! Normally, sandwiches or leftovers are for lunch. But, my husband didn't have to work so I made it a bit more fancy. Sweet corn from our garden! Well, husband's garden! Side note: I should take pics of what I eat and post them on facebook ALL the time. Good way to eat less. Didn't want you to think of me as a pig! Moving on....

12:30:Dishes DONE.

12:35: I walk outside to my husband's garden and FIND THIS! I was soooo excited. All I wanted from my garden was zucchini. But, one day while weeding our garden, my husband and I uprooted our zucchini plant. And it died. Or so I thought. But, Jesus healed it and it gave us ONE zucchini. My summer is complete. Almost.

1pm: I head out to get the mail. Fun. Fun.

I DANCED all the way back to the house!!! I had a package and I KNEW exactly what it was! I screamed and danced (again) and started to open it!

After I read a blog about this program I've wanted to try it. I found it on Amazon and bought it...CONFESSION: I bought it without telling my husband. It's the 1st time I've never asked/told him I was going to buy something. One day, I just BOUGHT it. Right then and there. And confessed at suppertime that evening. RIGHT before our marriage class. Yep. Guilty. He took it well. And we both laughed because he KNEW how excited I was about it. Now, he wants a kayak. Sigh. This software wasn't as much as a kayak....

After my whole dance party...I calm the software is being installed on my computer, (my husband helped me) I sat down to write the family circle letter. My husband has 8 siblings. They started this circle letter with the WIVES of each family. Each wife writes a letter about what's going on in their life/family and passes it on to the next "sister." Then you get to read all the other letters they write. It takes about 4 months for it to pass between 9 families but it's fun to see what they write. AND what you wrote 4 months ago. Most of the letters talk about canning and freezing their summer gardens....mine...not so much. Guess I'm the black sheep of the family. I DID freeze sweetcorn this year but didn't tell them. My little few quarts of sweetcorn would not compare to their bushels of sweet corn, peas, beans, jam, strawberries, blue berries, onions, soups, peaches, fruit mixes and anything else you can squeeze into a canning jar.

2:30pm:Easton wakes up from his 2nd nap of the day. Such a cute little boy and so happy. He makes me smile and I just LOVE him. HE is what I write about in the family circle letter. Him. Because he's what I most proud about. Let them have their canning--I have my boy!

After naps we head out for some much needed fun.....

Just a picture of myself...(not driving down the road.)

SUCH a perfect day outside! I just had to capture the moment. (and the Iowa fence rows)

And since I was born in the South and am a tea addict...I order a sweet tea from McDonalds. Sigh. It will have to do considering the lack of good tea in the north.

I taste the tea and realize it's spoiled. Stupid McDonalds.

So, with NO good tea to drink, I am sad. But, coming to my sister's house, I get over it by eating...

THIS! And, it was slightly healthy. One of our friends who is really healthy made them...take out the choc. chips and it's a vegan cookie. It made up for the spoiled tea.

Hanging out with Aunt Bek-Bek. We took pictures of Easton and another little baby for my friend's new clothes line she is creating. Talent...I tell ya.

Burgers for supper. Husband grills them...LOVE grilling nights!

Quick supper because I am hosting a bookparty with Asborne books. Easton and I LOVE the books so much and we are super excited just to look at them. This is Tristan (Bek-Bek's boy.) He liked to look at the books too!

Look at that book goodness! Lots of books to look at! The Animal hide and seek is Easton's favorite. He goes nuts and can hardly contain themself. And Tristan has our other favorite book that somehow got lost in MN last week. SAD! I'm still grieving over the loss of that book.

MORE book Heaven! I ordered a bath fact it's in the picture! We will have bath toys now!

Lots of books+Lots of friends+Lots of children=TOTALLY FUN NIGHT!

And, the rest of my night was spend filling my order form and looking and picking books I thought would be fun for Easton and I to read when he's older. The party got over around 10 and I was SOOOO excited about my books I didn't go to sleep until welllllll after midnight. Books just do that to me!


Mrs. B. said...

Books do that to me too! No sleep when there are new books in the house.
I love your morning (or whenever the spirit moves you) bath ritual. So so cute.

Easton is such a beautiful boy.

Thanks for linking up!

Jamie Willow said...

love all the cutey cute books! bath time is our favorite time of day too :)

cracking up at Wil's face in the photos...hehe...

Lyndee said...

I loved the excitement of you getting your package! Mail still rocks and especially when it is greatly anticipated. Your baby is a cutie! Great day of pics!

Lyndee said...

My comment disappeared so perhaps I should be in bed huh? Tired gramma here. Okay, starting over: I love getting mail and especially anticipated delights. Enjoy yours! Your baby is adorable and loved the bath pics!